…a Dialogue Between a Cynical Potential Customer and HSG

Cynical Potential Customer (CPC): I’ve found many people for my company over the years. What are you going to bring to the table?

Hiring Solutions Group: The best person.

CPC: I beg your pardon?

HSG: The best person, the best possible hire – the one who many times says he or she is “not looking” for another position. It’s all about understanding what did and didn’t work for you in the past and finding the best possible person that matches what we project will work in the future..

CPC: How do you do this?

HSG: We create the largest possible group of qualified potential candidates based on sophisticated pre-determined specifications that we have both worked on together. Then we bring it down from the many to the few most highly qualified candidates.

CPC: I can do that too!

HSG: We do “that” with proven methodologies like our Three-Tier Screening process which we’ve developed in the course of helping companies hire hundreds of executives in the past.

CPC: Oh. Guess I can’t do that.

HSG: Don’t worry. That’s one of our specialties.

CPC: OK, so you get this big group of people….

HSG: Not exactly. We get the right group of people who fit the carefully determined criteria that the two of us have developed based on our Candidate & Staff Behavioral Profiling (CSBP) and Position Profiling techniques, which consist of a series of personalized questions for you and others at your company who know about the position. Then we project this information into the future goals, needs and planning of your company.

CPC: Okay, so now you go ahead and interview them. I can do that too!

HSG: Actually, we set up a time-frame and venue in which we can process candidates all day long, sometimes for days. We pre-screen, interview, verify, compare, refine, report, modify, interview again, reduce and again and again and again until we get closest to your ideal group and only then do we schedule interviews with you.

CPC: Oh. Guess I can’t do that either. How long does it take start to finish?

HSG: Some positions take a few weeks, some take months. When you don’t have the time, we find ways to speed up the process. It’s all up to you.

CPC: And you are doing this for how many years?

HSG: I’ve been doing it for over 15 years and some of our professionals have up to 35 years experience. Some are great door openers, some are great candidate closers, some are experts on testing and so forth, and together we make a great team.

CPC: Oh. Guess I can’t really do any of that!.

HSG: We know. That’s why we are here.

But What About Contingency Search?

CPC: Wait a minute! What about contingency search? Isn’t that “no risk”?

HSG: No risk? No, the fact is that it is HIGH Risk!

CPC: Why is that? I always thought if I pitched search firm against search firm it would create the best outcome.

HSG: Not true! With extreme speed there is compromise. When you have very limited time, most contingency search firms give you someone as quickly as possible, just to create a dialogue. WE take the time to go after quality candidates who may not be actively looking for new positions. ”Do you want someone who is “low hanging fruit” or someone who is the right fit for your organization who can fulfill your long-term needs?

CPC: You always have all the answers.

HSG: Yes, it’s kind of a thing with us.

CPC: But shouldn’t a good contingency search firm in the niche be speaking to key people who aren’t looking? Isn’t that what they are paid to do?

HSG: No, they are paid to fill a position as fast as possible and only get paid when it’s done. Their goal in many cases is to force a square peg in a round hole. That’s why we’re able to give a longer guarantee than a contingency firm. When you make a commitment to us, we invest in you. Contingency search firms usually don’t get to that. They live, work and breathe differently.

CPC: So you are selling a relationship?

HSG: Exactly. It’s like you. You sell furniture, you visit the factories and hear about the latest in what your clients are doing. Knowing that information is one thing and, experiencing it is another. We maintain the same contact with our clients – it changes our voice from one that is faint, to one that is determined and strong. We believe in you and your product or service.

CPC: I’m sold. Let’s get started!

HSG: Finally ! You were tough …

CPC: No, not tough. Cynical.

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