What Millennials Want (In A Career)

There is a great deal of conversation in the recruiting world about millennials these days. You will often hear that attracting and retaining millennials requires a different approach than that of previous generations. A lot of time is spent discussing their desire for flexible working arrangements, their commitment to environmentally conscious business practices, and expectations of access to leading technology tools. However, what comes up less in these conversations are which companies the millennial professionals want to work for.

All millennials want to work for eco-friendly startups, right?

Actually, a recent study found quite the opposite. Hanover Research asked millennials which companies they would like to work for most and was surprised to see the top 200 list included organizations like ExxonMobil, Dow, Chemical, and Goldman Sachs. Additionally, careers in the military and government sectors also made the list.

What can these findings mean for recruiting millennials?

According to an SHRM article by Dana Wilkie, millennials still find value in working for recognizable organizations who have established a reputation for career development opportunities even if they do not directly align with their values.

Confident businessman smiles

By understanding what millennials value both on a personal and professional level, companies are better equipped to showcase what their company can offer. There is no doubt that the millennial generation is motivated differently than previous generations. However, many of their career aspirations are still rooted in the reputable organizations they grew up with.

Millennials are dreaming of jobs with well-known companies that offer career advancement opportunities coupled with socially and environmentally responsible business practices. When it comes down to it, what majority of millennials are seeking in their career development is generally obtainable in many organizations. Finding the middle ground between dreams and reality is becoming more manageable for both organizations and candidates.

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