Using updated best practices, interfacing continuously with a network of partner search firms, and working closely with you, we pull out all the stops to make sure you have the right fit.

Testing and Background Screening:

  • Administer appropriate job-related and fully validated testing to ensure the candidate has the capabilities necessary to perform the job successfully and fit as a member of your team.
  • Perform extensive reference checks.
  • Conduct background checks (credit, criminal, DMV, and more) as appropriate for the position and/or as requested.
  • Monitor the entire process to ensure your complete satisfaction.


Real World Technical Interviewers (RWTI)

Under our program of Real World Technical Interviewers, candidates are rigorously interviewed by experts who know your industry thoroughly and fully understand the requirements of the position.

Through our network of Search Firms and other business professionals, we are able to source such interviewers for every type of Executive Search situation. Our interviewers are skilled in employing carefully developed metrics to measure the candidate based on his or her prior achievements and capabilities in areas such as projects, sales, and other unique profession specific accomplishments.


Candidate Workplace Simulation Testing (Optional)

This is as real-world as it gets. Hiring Solutions Group’s Workplace Simulation Testing can help you observe how a serious candidate will actually function in your workplace.

This is an assessment that presents candidates with realistic job-related situations and documents how they behave and respond. Our simulation techniques include work samples, situational judgment tests, assessment centers and job tryout procedures. As a result, you glean valuable insights that may not surface in interviews and standardized testing.

Research also indicates that job simulation assessments measure performance without regard to gender, race, age, and socioeconomic status. This lowers an employer’s risk of exposure to lawsuits based on its selection process.

Changing an employee is difficult. It’s much more effective to create a mirror that shows you how a prospective employee will act and interact in your workplace – before you hire them. We use a variety of feedback methods, asking both the prospective employee and those around him or her multiple questions to get a feeling of how he or she behaves on the job.

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