From beginning to end, Hiring Solutions Group remains tightly interwoven with you to help ensure that the best candidate succeeds in your environment.

From creating a solid game plan which guarantees buy-in from all parties, working closely with you before and after the hire, and managing the process throughout, we make sure everyone is continuously informed and always on the same page.

To this end, we work in many value added services in order to facilitate the process. Our unique Mind Melding process helps new hires experience the company, your culture, and the job before Day One. To further help with transitions, we have taken part in company meetings, worked supplementary to the client’s staff on a temporary basis, and even helped in the transition when a new manager to whom the employee reports is being hired.[1]

Our goal is to help you with your goals. We would be glad to introduce you to some of the many people for whom we have done these things and more.

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Long-Term Support & Retention Planning

We work to ensure that expectations are set correctly before the hire and can mediate on an impartial basis if issues arise later. We stay involved as a third party to continually help you to grow in further success.

[1]: optional services requiring an additional charge.

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