Our long-term support helps with your employee retention long after the warranty period has ended. With your support, we will never walk away from our client or the new hire during the first year of employment. We are available to help you with any human resource concerns of your new employee.

Every company is different, and HSG adjusts our methods accordingly to create an enduring partnership. We stand by you as your business grows and thrives.


Ongoing Evaluations

On the first, second and third day as well as on the first, second and third month (if needed and/or requested) HSG evaluates performance…from both sides. By introducing early and continuous evaluations, we maximize the opportunity for an effective new employee integration. This helps all of the stakeholders’ relationships gel.

The adjustment period is often an uneasy one. Although your new employee is skilled at the job itself, he or she may not be skilled in “first-day people skills,” yet the first days are vital for sharing key information and developing workplace connections. 

Our hires join a company with a plan, and we support them so they understand the company plan and are able to succeed as quickly as possible. We interface with your management team to review the employee’s progress and address any problems that develop.

Our involvement also enhances the successful execution of the strategic plan we are either working in tandem with or helping you to develop for your company’s success. Both clients and candidates find this overall process empowering and uplifting. It smoothes the learning curve and provides valuable insights for you and for us.

Don’t wait until it’s too late – stay in contact after you make a new hire!

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