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The HSG Process

Hiring Solutions Group goes beyond identifying candidates with the right skill set. The HSG Approach is a highly advanced search process that starts with HSG working to understand and assess your business objectives, challenges, and vision for the future. We then help you create a hiring strategy that can be a true game changer for you.

Once we’ve collaborated on a plan, we will uncover the exceptional perfect hire, also known as the Purple Squirrel, when you need one. Our methods serve to match the personality of candidates with the personality of your organization, and our Onboarding process ensures a smooth transition. Once we make a placement, we stay involved every step of the way to ensure a successful employment relationship.

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Before the Hire

Understanding your business is the foundation of a partnership with HSG. We take the discovery process further than any other Executive Search Firm. We invest the time to understand your challenges and opportunities and recommend a staffing strategy that will unlock business opportunities ahead.

Candidate Development

Once a hiring plan is in place, we utilize our unique assessment techniques to obtain a thorough understanding of your company’s personality and the requirements and expectations of the position. Next we access our Hybrid Technical Partnerships (HTP) to begin a search as broad and far-reaching as necessary to find your ideal candidate. Once we have identified a candidate, we carefully screen him or her via our Three-Tier Screening processes.

Post Hire

For a placement to be successful, it’s essential that the new hire be fully acclimated to your corporate culture. Our Onboarding process involves both employer and employee to ensure an effective transition for both, and we continue to provide Long Term Support in whatever manner necessary to keep the relationship flowing smoothly.

Repackaged Brilliance

Repackaged Brilliance refers to the hiring of a talented and capable candidate for a position in which he or she may not have either direct experience or the most experience. It isn’t appropriate for every client, but it may be for you. Learn more here.

Purple Squirrel

A Purple Squirrel is a special term that refers to a job candidate with exactly the perfect qualifications and experience to match your needs. The Purple Squirrel may sound like a mythical creature, but they do in fact exist. And we can find them for you.

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