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  • Thank you for helping me find a job in my career field in New York City. Coming from the West Coast, you don’t always know who to turn to, but Michael at Hiring Solutions Group is the man! I have been employed in my position for 6 months and Michael still calls me to make sure I’m happy and to check if there is anything he can do to help. It’s rare to find a friend to do this, and even rarer with any kind of executive recruiter, but Michael is the one.

    Kelly Cobbs Account Manager at Ashokan Water Services
  • Michael and his team of professionals were instrumental in preparing me for some challenging interviews during a pivotal time in my career. Michael was also very helpful when it came to negotiating for a salary that was commensurate with my experience. Michael is passionate and dedicated to seeing people rise to their potential. More than an executive recruiter; Michael and his team are also coaches who provide valuable guidance throughout the entire job search.

    Kenneth Steinberg
    Kenneth Steinberg Assistant Vice President – Tax at EXL Service
  • We hired a programmer as a consultant through the Hiring Solutions Group for the back-end of our website. The quality of the hire and the rate have been fantastic. After one year of working together, we have accomplished a tremendous amount. Michael preempted our concerns at times and they were addressed quickly and correctly. We strongly recommend HSG for their careful selection of consultants!

    Mike Zhurba
    Mike Zhurba Information Technology and VoIP Services Professional
  • Eric-Ackland-TestimonialI've known Michael for many years, and know him to be a very driven, hard-working person. He is also insightful and innovative in his approach to problem solving. His defining trait however is that he truly cares about helping people, and his efforts to help others in both his work and his personal life go beyond what anyone would expect.

    Eric Ackland Bookmonger, Owner
  • testimonial avatarMichael gets people--even when they don't get themselves...his unerring ability to hone in on the skill sets a client need combined with his ability to get people to find skills they sometimes didn't know they possessed make him a one of a kind resource...in more ways than one. If you want a relationship that's about ultra competence and exceeding expectations...Michael's your man.polaroid logo

    Sam Ash CMO
  • Lyle-Wexler-TestimonialMichael is a true professional and very passionate about getting the best results. Working with him is a real delight.Itex Logo

    Lyle Wexler Corporate Director of Communications
  • Gerry-Mintz-TestimonialMichael is a very dedicated, sincere, entrepreneurial and hard working individual. During my tenure as CEO at the American Banker Bond Buyer (ABBB) Division at Thomson Financial, Michael identified a niche opportunity in providing customized "Hiring Solutions" for our customers, far beyond the typical classified recruitment ads that we had traditionally sold. Through this program, which he developed and executed himself, he helped place hundreds of individuals and grew average revenue from about $400 to over $5000 per client. He also created several larger programs for upwards of $25,000 in revenue. His approach was creative and he built a loyal customer base. If you need to find a key individual who will go to great lengths in order to bring that "perfect hire" in the door, Michael is your man.Gartner logo

    Gerry Mintz Pres. Executive Programs
  • testimonial avatarMichael is a professional in his line of work and is very diligent in all aspects. He is motivated and gets the job done right and is not afraid of rejection. I'd highly recommend his services to any company or person looking for someone who can get the job done.M Tech Digital logo

    Tzvi Mirell Programmer
  • testimonial avatarI am happy to recommend Michael Schlager to anyone who is in need of a dedicated, resourceful, passionate, creative recruiter. Having worked with Michael over a period of several years, I can predict these outcomes when you engage Michael: (1) He will give you premier service; (2) His energy level and creativeness will push your envelope; (3) He will make a significant contribution to your staff AND to your recruiting and hiring processes; and, (4) His results will exceed your expectations.

    Rick Kean A. M. Hamilton, Inc.
  • Richard-Rodriguez-TestimonialMichael was the first recruiter that I have ever worked with when starting my sales career in the media space. Great personable individual, who knows his clients really well and would do a remarkable job in representing you in this ever competitive marketplace. I recommend Michael for anyone who is searching for a great result oriented recruiter that delivers on what he promises.McKinsey Company Logo

    Richard Rodriguez Director of Marketing
  • Ronald-Schlosser-TestimonialMichael is a self-starter and great on developing a business in both a start-up as well as a structured ongoing business situation. He has great instincts for growth and an ability to work creatively with clients. Mcgraw Hill Education Logo He is very service-oriented and has always grown businesses beyond immediate expectations.

    Ron Schlosser Executive Chairman
  • Ehron-Nygard-TestimonialI have known Michael for five years. Our relationship is one of friendship and mentorship, helping each other through life and work challenges. I know him to be a hard worker, service oriented and always interested in making sure the job at hand gets done right. His command of details to the end of reaching a perfect job is absolutely brilliant. He is professional, always friendly and genuinely interested in people and wanting to be of service. Michael is very sincere with people; he is also very watchful of his interactions and his careful analysis of people is powerfully on-target. If you have the pleasure of working with Michael, know you have a genuine asset. He'll work hard with you and for you and will surprise you with a service orientation that will bring you to a more complete defining of a job well done.Edina Realty logo

    Ehron Nygard Commercial & Residential Sales Associate
  • Alan-Green-TestimonialMichael is a very detail oriented professional who performs specialized services for his clients. His industry requires him to be very ethical to succeed at all levels, and he has become an expert in his field of work. He provides his services to the highest level, and normally exceeds expectations.Quint Miller Logo

    Alan Green CPA & Financial Consultant
  • Irene-Silber-TestimonialMichael is a highly principled individual who genuinely cares about his clients, candidates and business associates. He is an innovator in his field and committed to continuous improvement and long-term success.

    Irene Silber Irene Silber PR / Owner
  • Michael Schlager is a natural networker and networking is a major key nowadays in finding a great opportunity. In the autumn months of 2011, Michael was instrumental in putting me in contact with IT professionals and Baltimoreans, thereby jump-starting my job search in the Baltimore area. Michael's creative outlook, "can do" attitude, warmth, and good-natured personality make him a pleasure to interact with. Michael is resourceful and has great follow-up skills. If you're looking for an IT Recruiter, I would recommend Michael Schlager!edaptive logo

    David Sawilowsky Sr. Business Analyst
  • Brian-Matthews-TestimonialMichael was recommended to me by a colleague, and I'm very thankful for it. His passion for his work was evident, and his tenacity was contagious. Most importantly, his counsel gave me self-confidence, and I was able to bring that into my interviews. I highly recommend him to anyone searching for a headhunter that can deliver great results as well as those looking for career guidance.boston coldrens hospital logo

    Brian Matthews Digital Marketing Strategist
  • Neil-Rischall-TestimonialMichael Schlager is very insightful and understands what is needed to be successful in a strategic manner. Smart and knows how to get things done in a warm and pleasant way.

    Neil Rischall Neil D Rischall CPA / Owner
  • I've sought Michael Schlager's counsel on numerous occasions when considering either major business planning or human resources issues. He is insightful, passionate in his convictions, and not afraid to argue an unpopular position. Michael is an excellent devil's advocate. I wouldn't make a big move without at least his opinion, if not his blessing. Hertz-Furniture-logo

    Dan Goldfine
    Dan Goldfine VP Sales - Hertz Furniture
  • Adolfo-Wurtz-TestimonialMichael is a true professional. Not only did Michael find a very relevant job opportunity for me but he also did a good job of communicating my strengths and weaknesses to my potential employer. I recommend Michael for any professional that is looking for an employer or employee.Fieldpiece logo

    Adolfo Wurts Director of Engineering and New Product Development
  • David-Levitt-TestimonialMichael Schlager has the talent of instinctively forecasting business developments and second-naturedly understanding how it could impact not only himself but everyone he's come into contact with whatever their area of interest or expertise. While I was job hunting, he knew how to connect with the relevant people at Thomson Financial, ILX and other cutting edge high tech shops in order to facilitate the search and the interviewing process. His talent management skills are in highest percentiles while his interest in people and helping them succeed is sincere and genuine.

    David Levitt IT GRC Analyst at the Federal Reserve Bank of New York
  • Michael Schlager is a very take charge and dedicated person. He always exceeded his sales quota at Thomson (a very difficult thing to do). He is tenacious and won't stop until he succeeds, if you need someone to get your project done, its Michael.

    Steve Wolfson President, Micropatent
  • Hillel-Judasin-TestamonialMichael Schlager is especially adept at understanding the nuances of human interaction as it relates to the workplace. I gained a lot when he reached out to HR departments after my interviews to get feedback, which he translated into valuable lessons that made me a more effective candidate.

    Hillel Judasin Technology Audit Manager
  • About 8 months after leaving General Tools, when it was time to make my next career move, I reached out to Michael at the Hiring Solutions Group to assist me in my search. Michael was there for me through every step of the process. He understood my specialized skillset and took the time to learn what I was looking for in my next position. We reviewed my strengths and he provided coaching in areas I was looking to improve upon. He actively called on several companies, setting up both over-the-phone and in-person interviews for me. He came on one of the interviews, as well, which was very helpful. Michael helped me establish my brand, fix my website, and review contracts; in short, Michael was a great support to me, which made all the difference in my job search. I highly recommend him.

    Roger Mavrides Product Manager at Testo USA
  • Michael's creative thinking, positive attitude and business savvy have given my organization many great ideas and has helped save us thousands of dollars. He's a truly great person to work with.

    Adam Jacobs
    Adam Jacobs Managing Director, Aish Center
  • Michael is fully committed to the success of our company. His candidates are always of the highest quality and his counsel regarding hiring decisions has helped us tremendously. Thanks to his tireless efforts our retention rate has drastically improved. In addition, his guidance as helped us grow our company through acquisitions and new business opportunities. I highly recommend Michael and his team.

    Jeff Arbeit CFO & COO, General Specialty Tools
  • NancyRawsonMichael and his team studied my background and redid my five page resume crafting a clear and complete picture of what I had to offer and where I wanted to go. That is what I would expect at a minimum of any similar consultant. However, they went the extra mile to get to know me and what I needed professionally and personally for my next career move and helped me develop a strategy and action plan to achieve it. As a well developed professional who has no need to go from company to company, it was the biggest decision of my life at this time. I wanted to determine what would be right for me in a holistic way, Michael looked into me and took that into account. We needed to research and fully discover the companies and the people I was considering. If you have the opportunity to work with him, you won't go wrong.

    Nancy Rawson Associate Director

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