Hiring Solutions Group works with exceptional clients who have the goal of making healthy, lasting hires. We seek to provide stability for the employer, candidates, and new hire by collaboratively matching the needs of the employer with the those of the candidate. To meet the needs of our clients, we always work with both clients and candidates before, during, and after the hire to help encourage success and to ensure that important goals are reached.

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Before the Hire – Goals

Understanding the culture, character, and economic pieces of your business is the fundamental premise of working with HSG. We take the discovery process further than any other Executive Search Firm by investing the time to understand your business objectives, challenges, opportunities, and vision for the future to recommend a staffing strategy that will unlock doors to the best candidates and, ultimately, more business opportunities, as well.

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Searching – Collaboratively

Once a hiring plan is in place, we utilize our unique assessment techniques to obtain a thorough understanding of your company’s personality and the requirements and expectations of the position. Below we’ve included just a few of the great reasons that others have chosen HSG:

Extensive Pre-Hire Candidate Investigation

You deserve the best employee! We spend a minimum of three hours delving into their experience, background, and personality to make sure he or she is the best possible fit for you. To put this in perspective, many recruiters spend around 20 minutes with a candidate before placing them. For a targeted search, we can spend up to three weeks!

Candidate Representation Guarantee

Should you want to terminate the new hire within the first six months due to misrepresentation*, we will split the cost of hiring a replacement. *See contract for details.

Extensive Client Relationships

We go out of our way to personalize our service for you, including:

  • Site visits
  • Lunch and Learn from other key players involved with the hire
  • Position assessment
  • Discussing, researching, and providing a report on compensation strategy
  • Coaching your staff with state and federal regulations regarding interviewing
  • Interviewing the candidate on-site with you
  • Providing immediate feedback for both the candidate and client
  • Negotiating position benefits and compensation
  • Pre-boarding
  • Onboarding
  • Employee Retention

Extensive Candidate Assessments

From validating their education to confirming with former co-workers, we go well beyond to ensure your new employee meets your expectations.

Post-Placement Support and Guarantees

Beyond the placement guarantee itself, we stay with you to help ensure the success of the hire by addressing any Human Resource questions you or the candidate may have, ideally long before it’s too late.
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Beyond The Search

To meet the needs of our clients, we always work with both clients and candidates before, during and after the hire to help encourage success and to ensure that important goals are reached. We help in many dimensions beyond the direct recruiting such as:

Candidate Development

Next, we cast the widest net to find your ideal candidate. Once we have identified a candidate, we carefully screen him or her via our proprietary Three-Tier Screening processes.

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For a placement to be successful, it’s essential that the new hire be fully acclimated to your corporate culture. Our Onboarding process involves both employer and employee to ensure an effective transition for both, and we continue to provide Long Term Support to increase retention in whatever manner necessary to keep the relationship flowing smoothly.

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Repackaged Brilliance

Repackaged Brilliance refers to the hiring of a talented and capable candidate for a position in which he or she may not have direct experience. It isn’t appropriate for every client, but it may be for you.

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