Building Relationships That Last

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The Right Candidates for the Right Clients

Much like a new job, when you work with a new client, you want to make sure that you are supporting the values which you share and enable you to grow over the long term. This is actually how we create a discussion for people who are currently working to leave good companies and come to great ones – what we call “passive” candidates.

We are able to walk through companies and speak to workers. To enable us to form a better picture of how each company treats and honors its workers, it’s not just a great vibe I’m looking for, but more importantly that people truly love what they do.

One New York City client allowed us to “hang out” in their lunchroom. We were encouraged to enjoy the food and communicate with their employees. They are in a very competitive niche (sales for online marketing services) and one of the larger companies that people say they would love to work for.

It was an extremely rare opportunity, but meeting people who are sincerely interested in the visitor and who are not “planted” by someone is a rare grace to experience. After they offered me their card and said “if there is anything else you want to know about the company, you are welcome to call,” I knew there was something special about this company.

What can you say is special about your company and your work? How do you make each day count and what are your plans for doing better where you are?

About the author: Michael Schlager, CPC, the owner and founder of Hiring Solutions Group, is an industry leader with over 15 years experience in executive recruiting. His constant focus is on bringing the right people to the right companies, to help everyone perform better. Read more about Michael Schlager here.