HSG Successfully Attracts Top Talent for Hard-to-Fill Role at Energy Resource Company.

Hiring Solutions Group’s broad expertise in human resources ensures that the services we provide to employers are always aligned with the company’s overall mission and success.

filling a hard role


Our client, an energy resource company, was faced with the difficult task of filling a sales position that required expertise in a niche that is not common in the sales industry. Like many companies presented with this type of hiring challenge, our client had little hope they would be able to find a suitable candidate for this hard-to-fill role.


We worked with the company to identify the skills and experience most needed for success in the role. Putting on our Human Resources hat, we made recommendations for competitive compensation based on our deep experience with the field. Then, we helped our client reimagine how the company’s employee structure and culture could be more attractive to heavily sought candidates. This led to the development of a job description that captured the skillset our client was after in a powerful way that elicited interest from appropriate candidates.


Our client was pleasantly surprised when they attracted an individual that met all of their most desired qualifications. In addition to helping the company find great talent, HSG’s services and recommendations have resulted in positive long-term organizational change for the company and staff and all at a lower price. If your company needs assistance with a hard-to-fill-role, call (973-773-HIRE) or send us a message today!

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