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At CSG, we pride ourselves on taking the time to truly get to know each client, offering fresh perspectives and creative solutions.

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Kelly was working in sales, a field she loves. She joined a company with hopes of high commissions and minor travel. However, when neither turned out that way, Kelly began looking for a new opportunity. She visited many online job boards and directly reached out to a few companies but wasn’t finding the kind of opportunity she was looking for.


Kelly began working with CSG. We identified what wasn’t working at her previous company and what was most important to her moving forward. Kelly’s skills and needs matched an opportunity that existed on a fellow CSG client’s sales team. Because we had taken the time to really get to know the professional styles of both, we knew that they would be a great fit together.


Sure enough, one month later, Kelly was offered the job and hit the ground running. She is successfully applying her skills to her new job selling efficient water services to real estate owners. She enjoys enabling building owners to lower costs for both themselves and their tenants. Kelly became and continues to be the fastest up-and-coming salesperson and has become a valuable thought partner in helping the company foster closer and stronger relationships with its clients.

Kelly is happy with her new job and is pleased that the amount of travel and commissions are what she had been hoping for. She still keeps in touch with us and we love hearing about her continued success. If you’re ready to find an opportunity that both suits your needs while allowing you to do what you love, call (973-773-HIRE) or send us a message today!

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