How Logistics and Product Development Come Together in One Position

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A $38 million company came to us looking to fill a Product Development position. Based on our profiling of the company, we realized early on that they were in desperate need of help with Logistics, but the company wasn’t interested in filling that position – they had certain intentions in mind and were not going to accept anything else.


We were determined to find the perfect candidate the client needed, not just the one they wanted. We found Lou, a Logistics expert and Product Developer at a company with a reputation for underappreciating its workers.

Knowing the client would reject Lou if he came to them as a Logistics expert, we suggested he focus on the Product Development work he did and only mention his Logistics experience in passing.


Lou’s presentation impressed the company to the point that they created a new position tailored to his skills. Although they assigned him to the Product Development department, his job quickly escalated to 70% Logistics. As the company came to realize how his Logistics experience was increasing their success, they were grateful HSG had the foresight to hire someone with expertise in both areas. Lou’s skills helped the company secure accounts with companies like Costco and Walmart and increase the company’s bottom line by over 20%.

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