How a Career Change Can Lead to a Better Salary as Well as an Improved Work-Life Balance.

strategic career change - balance your life


After years of working in a field she was unenthusiastic about, for a company that didn’t reward her hard work, Belle decided to pursue her passion for IT. She enrolled in a “Computer Programming Bootcamp,” dedicating several nights a week online and in person to the program. Eventually, Belle became the top student in her class.


CSG began working with Belle while she was still in her programming course. Although she was new to the IT field, we helped connect her with a position that played off both her experience, and her new education. Belle was hired just weeks after working with CSG. She is now making more than double the amount that she was making just 8 months prior. We accomplished all this before she graduated!


Belle has been at her new job for 10 months now and is loving it. She is enjoying programming as well as the creativity involved in the projects she participates in. Best of all, her new job allows her the flexibility she always wanted. Belle is working remotely, sets her own hours, and is able to live in Israel with her husband while working for a U.S. company.

CSG understands that every client is unique. Therefore, we personalize our services based on individuals’ goals and skill sets. If you’re ready to make that career change you’ve been thinking about, call (973-773-HIRE) or send us a message today!

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