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Small Business Solutions

Small business owner in New York or New Jersey? Having difficulty closing the big sale? Your office is just not working as it should, or you don’t know how to build your office?

Sound familiar? Wouldn’t you love just to do what you set out to do, but without the headaches?

We have worked with numerous Soloists and small business owners to become better at:

  • Sales
  • Focusing
  • Decision Making
  • Client Management
  • Prioritizing
  • Managing Virtual Staff
  • Managing Vendors
  • and much more…

We assist through the following 3-step process

First, we would go through a number of questions. This helps us in getting a better understanding on what’s going on (and many tells us it helps them as well). Then we would do a deep dive to figure out what needs to be done next. Our “Deep Dive” usually gets the pain on top of the table, and we operate from there.

Step 1


Where are you at and what do you need? We get it all down on one document. You decide to use us further or not, at least you have a path to start from and a better focus for yourself.

Step 2

Get to know us

You may want to be involved or you might just “want it done” for you. Let’s talk it through and get one minor one (low risk) task completed. Our mutual goal is to make sure we like working with each other.

Step 3

Spring forward

We have a few ways to work in this capacity and it’s with a little creativity that this can take place. Let’s reflect on how we worked with each other, speak about improvements which need to be made (if at all) and target how to do our best work together.

Examples of our work:

  • Found their first hire, partner, investor, or planned acquirer
  • Created very basic and advanced steps to “MAKING A SALE” – how to (how), do it (action), do it again (repetition), and keep it going (consistency)
  • Keeping a client – studying those who like you
  • Bringing back a client – surveying clients to see if the door can be reopened
  • Identify major distractions in your work and help you be more focused and improve the focus
  • Study your decision-making process
  • Improve your company today
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Success Stories

Success Stories