Once a careful and comprehensive search program has been developed, we begin a process that may span the nation – or focus exclusively on the New York Metropolitan area, depending on your needs and the availability of qualified candidates.

We may turn to our Hybrid Technical Partnerships (HTP), a network of recruiters who assist us in searching for the best candidates coast to coast, or even overseas. HTP is our unique network of hundreds of Executive Search Firms throughout the United States and abroad developed over many years which broadens our outreach and enables us to find your ideal candidate faster.

Sometimes our deep roots in the NY Metro area enable us to identify candidates right on our doorstep that larger global executive recruiters won’t find. We may also work with a “Multiple Recruiter” approach, in which we combine efforts with other search firms with extensive expertise in your specific industry and business to ensure locating the best candidate for your needs as quickly as possible. Unlike too many cooks in the kitchen, three or more brains in search are often better than one.

All serious candidates receive an Internal Behavioral Interview (IBI), a specialized interview which probes the personality, work ethic, emotional intelligence, and other individual traits and behaviors which define the candidate as a person, and as an employee.

Often used as part of the Screening Process, we may employ Real World Technical Interviews (RWTI) as a key component of the Search Process when we want to further analyze a potential candidate for his or her capabilities and work history in your specific business.

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