What does HSG do to make the steak sizzle?

“Peter is the best hire I ever made.  He came to us with great experience from the competition and before he started he was able to learn about how our company does it differently and fully prepare us for a conference in 2 months.  Normally this takes about 6 months for an above-average employee already on board to properly conduct.  Not only did he save us a tremendous amount of time and money, but he also helped us win several national awards, the likes of which we had never seen before.  All this was done with Michael Schlager and active Pre-boarding conference calls for several weeks before he joined our team. “

Here’s how we do it:

Plan Towards Goals – We will discuss what you want to accomplish, NOT what “the last guy” did.

Stay Actively Involved – Upon interviewing candidates, quickly provide feedback – we will build your branding with good candidate experience. Anyone can wait until the first day and take it slowly, but think of the wasted days and weeks of time getting the ball rolling! Once you have confirmed you are making the hire, let’s get the ball rolling as quickly as possible!

Integrate – Bringing a new key player on board is never easy.  There are those who like the way “it was always done” and those who “want to do it differently”.  We bring him to the team, one call at a time.

Build – Once we receive feedback from the candidate, let’s work with it to improve the recruiting process and decide what can or needs to be done in the pre-boarding stage.

Connect – Where can your new employer play upon previous relationships and direct his energy to build new ones for your future?

Reinvigorate Others – Think of the influence it will have on your team, think of how they will fly forwards with this enthusiasm.

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