Lowered CRM Implementation Cost by 70% and Removed Risk


How HSG's recruiting strategy helped lower costs and eliminate critical vulnerabilities Our client came to us seeking guidance on how to approach the redesign of the backend of their website. The site had been custom-built by a consultant who was also the only individual with knowledge of its design. In [...]

Transitioning Out of a Difficult Situation


Leading to Healthy Severance and New Opportunities CSG’s robust and expert team is well equipped to help employee candidates navigate through any challenge. Situation Our client, a salesperson, sought CSG’s support in transitioning out of a difficult situation. He was ready to search for a new professional opportunity but [...]

Overcoming the Interview


Workplace Simulation Brings Together Employee and Future Co-Worker Situation Carl was the best person for the job – he had the skills, experience, and, most of all, the personality the company needed in a good salesperson. There was no reason a company wouldn’t take him. However, he would have to [...]

Hang On. It’s Coming, No Matter How Late!


Situation Mark was a top-performing sales representative with over 12 years of experience. He was gifted with not having a big ego, but he wanted to find a place which would appreciate his experience and skills. Mark was a “Purple Squirrel” who exceeded their highest expectations. After weeks of [...]

Career Plans Customized


Helps Sales Professional Take Career to the Next Level At CSG, we pride ourselves on taking the time to truly get to know each client, offering fresh perspectives and creative solutions. Situation Kelly was working in sales, a field she loves. She joined a company with hopes of high commissions [...]

Fostering Relationships Leads to Better Retention and Success


How One Company Boosted It's Productivity and Retained an Employee When the Competition Came Knocking Situation A $32 million private company needed to improve the quality and speed of its product development. To do so, they needed to create a faster development system. David was the best and the [...]

The Sky’s the Limit


"Sky’s the limit with Career Coaching and Guidance", says sales executive CSG’s strategy includes designing a comprehensive action plan to help clients get passed their sales goal. Situation Eric spent 8 years at the same company as a successful sales executive. Despite his success, he reached a point when [...]