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Hiring Solutions Group

Difference Makes No Difference


Overcoming Our Limitations Situation A $40 million private company was looking to expand into the new international Asian market and was looking for someone with the experience and skills to head this expansion. Diana was an amazing candidate whose resume could not have been better written with the credentials a [...]

Overcoming the Interview


Workplace Simulation Brings Together Employee and Future Co-Worker Situation Carl was the best person for the job – he had the skills, experience, and, most of all, the personality the company needed in a good salesperson. There was no reason a company wouldn’t take him. However, he would have to [...]

Successfully Attracts Top Talent for Hard-to-Fill Role


ENERGY RESOURCE COMPANY Successfully Attracts Top Talent for Hard-to-Fill Role HSG’s broad expertise in human resources ensures that the services we provide to employers are always aligned with the company’s overall mission and success. Situation Our client, an energy resource company, was faced with the difficult task of filling a [...]