Search Programs

The Hiring Solutions Group (HSG) offers a number of excellent search program options for businesses in our range of Practice Areas. You and the HSG team will develop a working plan which will allow our staff to serve you best. Working cooperatively with a recruiter, your company is assured of success from the moment we start your search, until well after the hire is made.

Here are some sample search programs:

Collaborative Search

Collaborative Search is the most interactive program we offer. It provides all the best techniques of our other programs with highly continuous contact between us as well as lower upfront fees. If the position involved is relatively new or in the process of becoming established or if you are a new client of ours, this program may be an excellent option for you.

Companies which are fully open to a free flow of information to ensure a successful hiring process thrive most fully with this option. Under Collaborative Search, we work closely and interactively with you on a regular basis throughout the search process until the final hire is made.

Replacement Warranty – Three (3) months from date of hire.
Payment Terms:
  • Deposit upon start of search.
  • Balance due on date of hire.

Shared Opportunity Search (SOS)

Shared Opportunity Search (SOS) is an ideal option for a young and growing company or one with a tight budget. By offering extended payment terms, and a longer-term warranty (vs. our other programs), we leverage all of our search techniques to provide your new hire with the maximum opportunity to succeed while providing you optimal protection in the event he or she does not meet your expectations.

Under the SOS Special Warranty, we will replace the employee if he or she leaves your employ or if you terminate him or her for poor performance and/or misconduct during the entire first year of employment. If you need to fill a specific position quickly and require a faster than normal search or if you wish to spread costs over time, this option may work best for you.

Replacement Warranty – Twelve (12) months from date of hire.
Payment Terms:
  • One-third (1/3) upon start of search.
  • Remainder due in equal weekly installments over the next 20 weeks post-hire.

Retained Search

Retained Search is the time-tested classic method for recruitment. It brings together many of our search techniques on your behalf to find you the best possible candidate for the position you have entrusted us to fill.

Retained Search is often the best choice for a company which has a need or desire for extreme confidentiality for legal, financial or other reasons. It is also highly appropriate when hiring an incumbent into a “mature” well-defined position. With Retained Search, we learn about you and your position requirements and then undertake our search processes with only the level of interaction you desire until it’s time to present the candidates.

Replacement Warranty – One (1) month from date of hire.
Payment Terms:
  • One-third (1/3) upon start of search,
  • One-third (1/3) upon candidate presentation, and
  • Final one-third (1/3) upon hiring.

To find out more about our Search Process, and how HSG works to bring you the talent your company needs, Contact Us!