NextGen Human Resources Masters & NAPS CPC Certified

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Education is the only constant to support keeping up with key passive candidates in an ever-changing world.

Michael Schlager, founder of Hiring Solutions Group (HSG), located in Passaic, New Jersey, recently attained two important credentials: a Master’s Certificate from the prestigious Rutgers University School of Management and Labor Relations, and designation as a Certified Personnel Consultant (CPC) from the National Association of Personnel Services (NAPS). Upon acquiring these qualifications, and with 15 years’ experience as a recruiter in two countries, Michael said, “As change is the only constant in today’s society, we feel that evolving with continuing education is the root of staying attuned to the marketplace.”

The NextGen HR Master’s Certificate program is an advanced credential from Rutgers University’s prestigious School of Management and Labor Relations, developed to provide the framework to keep executives current and one step ahead in motivating and engaging employees. Today’s Human Resource professional needs to keep up to date, due to rapidly changing workforce dynamics, technological advancements, unprecedented access to data and economic influences. Through the program, Michael improved skills in areas such as leveraging technology from E-Learning to Big Data, embracing social media, Gamification, managing virtual environments, and HR law. Michael is the only recruiter in the country with this certification.

By taking and passing the newly-revised Certified Personnel Consultant (CPC) credentialing exam, which contains expanded sections on contract law and more current information about the industry as it exists today, Michael has joined the most established and widely-recognized certification program in the industry. Today’s regulatory environment and increasingly litigious society demand that recruiters possess greater knowledge of employment law. Attorney Marc D. Freedman, NAPS General Counsel, said of the updates, “Certification is beneficial for recruiters and others in the staffing industry to get a basic understanding of the multiple employment laws that exist and identify legal issues. I believe the most important aspect is that it will enable the recruiter to provide a value added to the clients and candidates and avoid pitfalls.”

With these certifications, Michael Schlager has placed himself at the top of the recruiting field, enabling him to more effectively navigate the world of executive search and the human resources which surround it, as well as share his knowledge with the HSG staff. Given the focus HSG puts on excellence for its clients, candidates, and its company, it is certain that this achievement will spur the firm to greater successes.

About Hiring Solutions Group: Located in northern New Jersey and metropolitan New York City, HSG has made over 800 successful placements, especially at the executive level for new product development, engineering, marketing and sales, and counseled over 3,000 situations. Their main focus is to find what Schlager terms “Purple Squirrels”: individuals whose talent, experiences, and education fit perfectly with the needs and atmosphere of the employer. See their unique services on the 2nd video of their homepage for more on their 7-part unique collaborative integrated approach. If you would like more information about this topic, please contact Michael Schlager at 973-773-HIRE.