Michael Schlager – Certified Personnel Consultant

Michael Schlager, CPC with Mark Freedman

Congratulations to Michael Schlager, CPC!

Michael Schlager, of Hiring Solutions Group, in Passaic, New Jersey, being congratulated by Marc Freedman, attorney and legal counsel of NAPS, upon learning that Michael Schlager passed the CPC exam to become a Certified Personnel Consultant. Marc revised the CPC study guide which hadn’t been updated in years to reflect new and amended employment laws, and Michael feels great knowing that he worked hard to retest and re-certify and that he is current on the new laws. NAPS 360, the National Association of Personnel Services, is the staffing industry educator and the oldest industry association in the country.

About the author: Michael Schlager, CPC, the owner and founder of Hiring Solutions Group, is an industry leader with over 15 years experience in executive recruiting. His constant focus is on bringing the right people to the right companies, to help everyone perform better.

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