LinkedIn Or CutOut?

An “All-Star” on LinkedIn can often just be a benchwarmer

It’s no secret that professional networking sites like LinkedIn can offer opportunities to connect with potential employers and industry leaders, but our client was ready to pull his hair out over his frustration with LinkedIn. “I did everything it asked, I kept putting in more information,” he said, “So why haven’t I heard from anyone?”

Many job seekers eagerly await calls from companies which have viewed their LinkedIn profile after crafting the “perfect” profile, but many never get a response. Why?

Well, this candidate, like many people, had a LinkedIn profile with almost every detail of his professional career. After all, LinkedIn suggests stuffing your profile with every last detail. However, this is actually detrimental since many organizations will now have the opportunity to assess and eliminate potential candidates before ever contacting them due to the plethora of information accessible. Less is sometimes more.

LinkedIn’s opinion is that you have to put it all forward, but too much information will actually take away from how you position yourself for a job. While showcasing your professional accomplishments is great, it’s important to remember that an online profile cannot fully convey what you can offer to a potential employer.

People aren’t spending hours reading your profile, and their cursory view will take away from your being considered. LinkedIn does have that “eye-candy” aesthetic, making it a friendly way to view someone’s work history and skills, and this more inviting format often means companies view profiles longer than a resume. However, like a resume, a LinkedIn profile is still viewed for a very short amount of time unless, like a resume, you are referred in.

So what should I do about my LinkedIn profile?

For most of us, it’s incredibly difficult to perform a 15-second sales pitch of our entire career without speaking a word. Just like in good advertising, you will want to have a “hook” that motivates people to want to take action and learn more about you. Make it subtle unless you are in a sales field, but even then it’s best not to go all out.

Resumes, online professional profiles, and the interview process are all portions of your sales pitch for landing the dream job. It’s important to remember that the goal of a LinkedIn profile isn’t to get a company to hire you. Providing all your information actually allows them to eliminate you before you can even open your mouth.

Your profile’s goal is to get a company to want to know more about you. A well-organized profile that is clear, concise, and brief gives employers an opportunity to take a “sneak-peek” into your potential and generate interest to want to learn more about you. By providing just enough information to generate intrigue, you will open yourself up to more opportunities, not less.

Don’t think you’ve fallen victim to this? Think again – you don’t know who decided against contacting you.

How can I say this? After speaking to hundreds of people and carefully looking at their resumes and profiles, you begin to see a pattern among many job seekers. Often, they just can’t understand why they aren’t getting called when they have listed every detail of their career and experience.

My experience over the years has provided me with a greater understanding of the true effectiveness of services like LinkedIn, and I advise my clients to proceed with caution when developing their professional presence online.

Remember, your information is private when looking for a job. You must protect how your information is presented or you will lose, and no one can police this but you.

Please save yourself from thinking LinkedIn is the cure to job hunting woes. LinkedIn is an asset, it’s your responsibility to keep it in check.

Small and personal works. Get LinkedIn, not “CutOut.”

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