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deep engagement

Deep Engagement

The average recruiter spends 17 minutes vetting executive candidates. Not us! We dedicate an average of over 2.5 hours with potential hires, ensuring thorough assessments, evaluations and interviews for a seamless fit for your business.

behavior-centric methodology

Behavior-Centric Methodology

With our innovative approach, we blend strategy, problem-solving, and targeted search mechanisms to match candidates’ skills, personality, and a company’s unique needs.

local expertise

Local Expertise

Our commitment to in-person meetings cultivates genuine relationships, setting us apart from generic executive headhunters. Our partners work with all out-of-town situations where necessary.

access to networks

Access to Networks

Leverage our vast professional network to tap into top-tier talent pools. We have anywhere from 3 to 34 people in every niche imaginable.

25 years experience

Confidentiality & Trust

25 years of executive recruiting expertise guarantees your exclusive engagement, data privacy, and the best talent delivery.

long term retention

Long-Term Retention

Using our “Collaborative Search” methods, we foster healthy growth, leading to better retention rates than most executive placement firms.

Why Collaborative Search is The Gold Standard in Executive Recruitment

In the realm of Executive Search, the one-size-fits-all method simply doesn’t cut it anymore. Our Collaborative Search technique has revolutionized executive recruiting by ensuring that both potential and current staff members are aligned with your company’s growth vision.

Jim Collins, in his renowned book “Good to Great”, emphasized the lasting damage a negative employee attitude can have – regardless of their productivity. Such attitudes can sabotage future hires and overall morale. But with our collaborative approach, we are proactive in curbing such risks.

The two-pronged collaborative search model

  • Presenting Your Company Story: As a leading Executive Search consultant, we believe in narrating your company’s compelling story, showcasing core values and mission. By visiting your company in person, we feel the culture and use it to persuade top-notch candidates to consider joining your vision.
  • Internal Behavioral Interviews: Engaging with your members ensures we understand your company’s needs deeply. It helps us guide you in defining your company’s future while shedding the baggage of the past.

Can you afford a bad hire? We think not.

The right hiring decisions today can prevent a plethora of challenges tomorrow.

In-Depth Candidate Assessments & Vetting

analytical evaluations

Analytical Evaluations

Our assessments cover a spectrum – from emotional intelligence, leadership, to communication. We evaluate for fit, ensuring alignment with your company’s culture.

real world technical interviews and workplace simulation testing

Real-World Technical Interviews & Workplace Simulation Testing

Beyond mere conversations, we utilize our S.M.A.R.T. team to conduct industry-specific interviews. Our unique approach includes real-world simulations at your workspace, ensuring candidates aren’t just right on paper but are ready for real-world challenges.

Seamless Onboarding & Ongoing Support

Transitioning can be challenging. We facilitate a seamless onboarding process and extend HR support even after the hire, ensuring long-term suitability. It’s not just about placement; it’s about growth. Dive deeper with us, and let’s redefine executive staffing in New Jersey together.

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holistic approach

Experience the Power of a Holistic Hiring Approach

We don’t merely fill positions. Our approach is to lay a robust foundation for your business success. From understanding strengths and weaknesses to creating custom Executive Search solutions tailored for your business, we’re by your side, every step of the way. Whether you desire our presence during interviews or prefer an independent approach, our flexibility caters to your comfort.

Don’t Settle. Choose Excellence. Choose HSG.

With expertise in everything from C-level executive recruiting to small business executive recruitment in New Jersey, we stand as the beacon for businesses aiming for exponential growth.

Hiring Solutions Group – Where Your Vision Meets the Right Leadership.

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