How Great Professionals Develop Breakthrough Relationships

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What separates extraordinary professionals from ordinary ones?

Why are some professionals always drawn into their clients’ inner circle of advisers, while others are employed on a one-shot basis and treated more like vendors? Based on groundbreaking research, “Clients for Life” sets forth a comprehensive framework for how professionals in all fields can develop breakthrough relationships with their clients and enjoy enduring client loyalty.

Drawing on insights from extensive interviews with both leading CEOs and today’s most prominent client advisers, authors Jagdish Sheth and Andrew Sobel debunk the conventional wisdom about professional success – “find a specialty, do good work” – as being hopelessly inadequate in the modern world, where clients have nearly unlimited access to information and expertise. The authors replace these tired conventions with an innovative blueprint, supported by over one hundred case studies and examples drawn from consulting, financial services, law, technology, and other fields, for how you can evolve from an expert for hire who is treated like a commodity, into an “extraordinary adviser.” Riveting portraits of both exceptional contemporary professionals and legendary advisers such as Aristotle, Thomas More, Niccolo Machiavelli, and J. P. Morgan reveal how great client relationships are achieved in practice.

When a candidate is looking for work in today’s world, it’s absolutely essential to understand that the needs of the company go farther than just facts and figures. That sort of expertise is old-fashioned, and based on a commodity economy. In today’s world, the backbone of our economy is data, and what is needed is real human experience and the will to apply it.

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