Our limited community program (only limited by our time each week) is geared up for those “Purple Squirrels”, and others, who are currently out of work and looking to move into their next opportunity.

We have been counseling people for over 15 years in the Hiring Solutions Group and several years before that, as part of Thomson Financial. These methods are proven, and have worked throughout this 15-year history.

Our goal is to make sure you have the most current methods and the most positive mindset to find a position for yourself, as you may not have looked for a job in recent years – and things are changing fast!

We go over the following:

  1. Interview you – Based on your background and flow of work history, we try to create a clear vision of where you stand, where you want to be, and how we will help you to get there. Once on board, we will briefly review how your work life has flowed. Professional interviewers are looking only for those applicants with a great string of successes and the ability to overcome challenges. We will teach you how to emphasize that best.
  2. Catch your rhythm – If we see you are consistent in your follow-up – great! If not, we will try to help you understand how fixing that can make a difference. Keeping up momentum after rejection is very hard – it’s not something most people are familiar with. It’s a paradigm shift from everyday experiences. Let’s put that into perspective to give you a better grip on the job market.
  3. Pre and Post Interview Discussion – We want to be there for you both before and after the interview and make it work for you, during that “feedback-crucial time”. Our goal is to find out why your goal – finding work – isn’t happening, and fix it as soon as possible. Many people don’t realize how they are presenting themselves; we look to get very involved at these critical times.
  4. Interview Preparation and brief roleplay interviews – For some, interviews can be very complex; for others they go smoothly. Our goal is to help you to calibrate and work to provide you the best chance to getting the job you deserve.
  5. Privacy – Information you share will always be kept confidential unless you release us to discuss it with potential employers.

Amazed? There’s more! All of these services are provided through a contractual arrangement, at ZERO cost to the candidate, in order to best help you with your effort.

In order to qualify for this program, you must agree to certain terms, such as:

    1. Be open to constructive criticism. Our goal is to help you learn to help yourself.
    2. Let HSG know whenever you schedule an interview.
    3. Communicate with us on a planned schedule, before you leave for the interview. Our goal is to help you present yourself better than you’ve ever done before.)
    4. Keep HSG in the loop whenever you’re dealing with a potential employer or interview.
    5. Express the challenges you’ve encountered so far in your job search so that we can provide the most appropriate assistance.

For more information, call us at (973) 773-HIRE (4473), or come and Contact Us.