Get Your First Raise – Before You Get the Job!

Road sign that says Big Career Move Just AheadMany companies try to outsmart candidates by advertising positions with requirements of 5-7 years’ experience, for example, though the job itself requires someone with maybe 10 years’ experience. This way, the pay for the position will be substantially lower. As a result, a 10-year candidate may apply, but may feel doing so is a big ask on their part. (As if the company would be doing the accomplished candidate a favor by considering them.)

Studies have shown that, however, that when the job requirements are more reasonably aligned with the needs of the position, applicants are more likely to have exactly what the company needs. This, effectively, creates a more honest association with the new employer for staff. These more capable candidates then tend to stay with companies longer and have a greater impact on their bottom line. Despite these facts, companies continue to ask for less (when requiring more) rather than being transparent.

So, what should fully qualified candidates do to get the best possible salary when jobs on the market only “require” half the amount of experience they have? The answer is simple. I call it, “planning to hang around.”

Getting a salary that matches your more advanced skills is not immediate, nor is it what you should focus on when applying. If you focus only on the salary offered, you only see things the way the company wants; you will settle for their low offer even though you’re worth so much more. 

Most HR and Recruiting agencies can have bonuses connected to the most equitable situations for the companies, but these are rarely in your favor. To plan to hang around, put the emphasis on the potential relationship between you and the company. Work to create an atmosphere in which the relationship can flourish. Do this and you will be far ahead of the game. Get to the point of speaking with the person who’s in charge of hiring. Foster a relationship with the hiring manager. They will get to the point that they like you enough to want to take you to lunch or dinner. You will then have an open door to ask them to recognize your value and, in turn, the salary you genuinely deserve. 

We’ve had Career Solutions Group (CSG) clients follow this method and it helped them land not only the perfect job, but also the best salary. One CSG client was recently offered a job at a salary of $85K. After we met with him and helped build his plan and rapport with the employer, he received an offer for $110K from the company.

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