We know which candidates are “hire ready.” We’ve accumulated over 25 years of industry knowledge through testing and certification. What’s more, our network of over 1,200 partners throughout the U.S. deliver expertise that can fit any position. These are some of the many things that experience can do for your company.

We’ve completed thorough examinations on all levels of Executive Search such as military veteran, diversity, social media, social sourcing as well as internet and elite certification. In addition, we hold certification in Human Resources that we put in action during the onboarding period (during and after the hiring process). We consistently seek out new education in all areas of the industry to strengthen our skills and understanding, allowing us to better serve you.

We work with industrial-organizational psychologists to help candidates improve upon position-relevant assessments – all before you meet them. Moreover, considering HR as an important part of our recruiting, allowing for a natural fit for your company’s culture.

If we can’t match a candidate to your industry directly, one of our established partners can. Every day, our team makes matches for the needs that must be addressed.

Sure! Here are three of my favorite stories from my years of experience:

Patents & Manufacturing Overseas

One client was having products copied in China and brought to its competitors. We had to end this. Hiring Solutions Group found someone from China who was educated in the US who was able to eliminate these issues for most products. We needed someone who was familiar with patent law as well as closed-end factories. It worked so well that big-box stores came to us with products as we could get smaller runs done better than anyone else could. She wanted to leave on several occasions, so I acted as liaison for her to stay there. She saved the company millions of dollars and even helped them make millions more. The company sold for 4.5x value from when she started. It was an amazing win for everyone.


Sometimes, our client isn’t #1 – or even close to it – but we have to get them there. Creating a creative contract to take out one of the best engineers from the top company in the industry wasn’t easy, but it paid off. Hiring Solutions Group hired the winner from a national show on several occasions, but we needed this gentleman to pack up and move a few states away. It took time, but it lasted for several years and was ultimately worth it.


Finding a Regional Sales Manager that would work on a local territory for a company which wasn’t cutting edge wasn’t easy. They claimed that some things were coming down the pipeline, so we made a presentation based on that promise. Sure enough, both parties came true for the company. He was young enough to put in very long hours, yet still old enough to be respected by his peers. It was a perfect match.

Our approach to candidate retention and long-term success begins from the very first phone call. When a company shares the same level of dedication as we do, we give our utmost effort to support their needs. In cases where the company may not initially recognize the value of long-term investment, we strive to emphasize its significance. Fortunately, the majority of our clients grasp the implications of a poor hire versus the benefits of an exceptional one. We engage in discussions with our clients, even for the smallest positions, to understand their goals. Additionally, we consider how compensation can align with career advancement. For our committed clients, we go the extra mile by providing industry statistics and location-specific insights. By conducting this thorough groundwork before initiating the hiring process, we add tremendous value. This approach is complemented by our Advanced Collaborative Search (ACS) methodology.

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