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Leading Executives to Leading Solutions

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The Power of an Individualized Approach

Hiring Solutions Group’s executive clients receive a coaching approach stylized to their unique needs. We approach each coaching opportunity with confidentiality, earned trust, integrity, and creativity. We are relationally focused. We care. We listen well. We ask the hard questions. We go deep. We partner for action.

  • Stay & Improve
  • Transition
  • Start Your Own Company
  • Purchase an Existing Company, Franchise, or Partnership

How Career Coaching Helps

Quickly jumping ship when you’re disappointed by your job isn’t always best. We help you look at the bigger picture. You may find you can work out a better salary or work environment to improve the state of your career – not only for the time being, but also for the future.

Take a seat, spend some time with us and consider what you can (and should) do. We’ll construct a plan with you. When you’re truly ready to make a move, the next company will have to compete with the newfound perks you attained before leaving this one.

Using carefully crafted assessments, we learn what works for you, with your skillset, and what type of coaching will benefit you.

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Executive Coaching is for senior-level executive leaders whose direct reports consist of managers that oversee teams of their own. This service is one that individuals, as well as companies seeking business consultation pursue with Career Solutions Group.  

Managers of small businesses who, by default, wear many hats, are most in need of Executive Coaching and Consulting.  

Through our Deep Dive* and regular sessions, strategic assessments, research, mentorship programs and interactions we cultivate with business advisers in your niche, we look at how to bring your most in-demand skills to better light. We’ll help you to learn how to emphasize the ways in which you impact your organization. You’ll also learn what it takes to get to know and motivate your team – increasing your ability to develop and support them. With all this, our clients are able to see the bigger picture much more clearly, which results in accomplishing their goals and their company’s goals at a much quicker rate!  

Four Deep-Dive* sessions are required at minimum. 

Career Coaching applies to every level of professional. This is where CSG’s Deep Dive* sessions and consultations are used for anything from creating clear career goals, to developing a plan for moving up or out, to even starting a new company or joining a start-up.  

In our Career Coaching program, you will be advancing your skills beyond the basics through professional trainings and meetings with career advisers and experts in your desired path. We can even help make you more marketable with an improved resume and/or more confident self-presentation. 

Two Deep-Dive* sessions and three regular sessions and research may be required depending on your specific situation.

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Leadership Coaching is for those who want to, or already have achieved success in their field and know that they can do more. These individuals strive to lead a team effectively and efficiently.  

We study how to make the best of the leadership tools you have and how to elevate you in your role with the tools you need. We will help you recognize and improve upon your leadership practices, and form new, healthy leadership habits. You’ll also learn what it takes to motivate more of your team from our management advisers.  

This service is one that companies and individuals with a leadership focus pursue through CSG.  

One Deep Dive* and ongoing sessions are necessary for this program.

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Development Coaching is for people who are feeling stagnant in what they do but are open to change. They feel the need to move forward and are seeking formal training to help them reach the next level. This is a multi-step process that can usually be accomplished in several Deep Dive* and regular sessions.  

Our Development Coaching program is completely individualized. We employ the Deep Dive* to get into what’s bothering you about your work and give you related, transformative tasks to carry out. Sometimes it’s just about connecting a few dots for you. Other times, it could be a major overhaul. When we complete these intense sessions, clients are ready to hit the ground running.  

The program is supported by assessments that check which of your skills are in great standing and which could use fine-tuning. Then, we find the best professional development courses or resources to fill your need. This could include assessments, industry-specific training, public speaking classes and confirmation of your progress throughout the process. 

In addition to our usual clientele, aspects of our Development Coaching program are increasingly catching the eyes of parents with near college-aged children. This is due to the benefits that our assessments have in helping students clarify where they are, where they may thrive and what general opportunities lie before them. It creates a tremendous savings for parents and teens to learn these things now as opposed to much later in their careers! 


* A “Deep Dive” is just what it sounds like. It’s diving into things well below the surface. Understanding what makes you tick in particular situations. It’s unlike therapy as we are not here to change your world but rather to identify the aspect of work that has kept you at your highest level of performance, or to restore that level of performance to what it once was. A Deep Dive is usually 90 minutes minus time spent looking at your resume and/or preparation time, if you furnished us with a summary (this is most productive for the value of our time together). Complete our Deep Dive questionnaire here and sign-up for your first session.