Ed Schulman

Hiring Solutions Group Welcomes Ed Schulman

Ed is a licensed Professional Engineer and Corporate Executive. He holds Engineering Degrees from Brooklyn Polytechnic Institute and Rensselaer,as well as an MBA from New York University. His other post-graduate studies were completed at Carnegie-Mellon, the University of Pittsburgh and General Electric’s Management Development Center, Crotonville.

Ed’s first 10 years of professional work were in cutting-edge developments in propulsion and power systems. He transitioned to working on consumer products after working at General Electric’s R&D center in Schenectady, NY, for a period of over 11 years. At General Electric, he obtained his first line management position. For the next 15 years, Ed was a Corporate Officer in two industrial products companies with full responsibility for the engineering function and, on occasion, P&L responsibility for selected product lines. That’s just some of the expertise Ed brings to the table as a Hiring Solutions Group SMART Team consultant.

Mr. Schulman joined Hiring Solutions Group to work with start-ups, in addition to developed engineering and construction companies to help define who they are looking to hire and how that person will help achieve their goals. As a professional engineer, Ed works with us as both a consultant and a Real-World Technical Interviewer (RWTI) and Tester. Focusing on our engineering and senior corporate positions, Ed brings his years of knowledge from GE’s R&D center; propulsion, power systems, and consumer products along with his impressive education.

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