Ed Schulman

The Hiring Solutions Group Welcomes Ed Schulman

September 2013

Mr. Schulman joined the Hiring Solutions Group team to work with start-ups and more developed engineering and construction companies to help define who they are looking for and how that person can bring them to their goals. As a professional engineer, Ed works as both a consultant and helping us with our Real World Technical Interview and Testing, RWTI’s.

Focusing on our Engineering and senior corporate positions, Ed bring his years of experience and wisdom from GE’s R&D center; propulsion, power systems, and consumer products along with his impressive education.

Ed is a Licensed Professional Engineer and Corporate Executive. He holds Engineering Degrees from Brooklyn Polytechnic Institute and Rensselaer and an MBA from New York University. Other Post Graduate studies were completed at Carnegie-Mellon, the University of Pittsburgh and General Electric’s Management Development Center, Crotonville. His first 10 years of professional work were in cutting-edge developments in propulsion and power systems. He transitioned to working on consumer products after working at General Electric’s R&D center in Schenectady, NY, over a period of 11 years. It was at General Electric where he obtained his first line management position. For the next 15 years, Ed was a Corporate Officer in two industrial products companies with full responsibility for the engineering function and, on occasion, P&L responsibility for selected product lines.

That’s just some of what Ed brings to the table for us. To communicate directly with Ed Schulman e-mail him.

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