Candidate & Staff Behavioral Perception (CSBP)

The key benefit of the Hiring Solutions Group Approach is Candidate & Staff Behavioral Perception (CSBP).

Every company has a unique culture, and HSG invests the time and energy to fully understand yours. Just as an individual has a personality, so does a company and a staff. Learning your culture up front provides the best possible opportunity for both your staff and the new hire to work in complete synchronization.

How we do it:

With your permission, we carefully survey directly and indirectly each member of your staff who has influence upon the new hire. With our Power of Third Party, we work to leverage our relationship with the candidate to create the right fit for your company.

Through the techniques we utilize to learn your business and your needs we develop concepts for our unique Work Simulation techniques which simulate current day to day work and expectations at your firm that we can use to screen potential candidates. We can also develop Mind Melding exercises which enable the new hire to become rapidly acclimated to the company and the job, hit the ground running, and literally soar with success in his or her new position.

Our CSBP processes are yet another unique component of HSG’s roster of services. These methods greatly increase the likelihood of a successful hire and the start of a great new relationship!

Position Assessment – the Three C’s

Position Assessment is one of the many unique processes we’ve pioneered – it helps you to educate HSG as fully as possible about the hiring position, allowing us to obtain the best candidate for you!

We begin by learning all relevant aspects about the position from you and your team. Then we work with you to obtain a comprehensive understanding of the future accomplishments you want the new hire to achieve, both directly and as a member of the team.

Next, we implement the Three C’s of Position Assessment.


First we reach out to your competitors to ascertain what other companies are doing with similar positions to yours. Why would your competitors speak to us? It’s the value of our Collaborative Network; most people in business want to be part of professional networks like ours because they know it will be of value in the future. Someone who helps us today may be seeking help tomorrow and will know he or she can turn to us. The result is a highly useful highway of important information which would never evolve in any other circumstance.


We also learn from candidates for the position through interviews conducted by multiple members of our staff. Even before we begin working on your position, we’ll have conversed with many candidates for the same or similar type of position you are filling. It’s the power of our vast network (15 years and growing, over 400 search firms). Your candidates can then be compared with many others to get you the best possible hire.


The combination of learning, sharing, and building upon our extensive knowledge of the position, the things your competition does in the same niche area, and the motivations of both your candidates and others in the same job market all serves to create the perfect circumstances in which we can create the ultimate employee for your needs so your company can blossom.

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