Life & Work

Thursday, April 21st, 2016

Can Balance Really Exist Between the Two?

Michael-New-Photo130x150What do you do when two dreams collide? How do you determine the best way to balance both and be successful? For many professionals, parenthood is just as much as a dream as career success. However, often times they find themselves having to sacrifice one or the other in effort to maintain both. Employers like to refer to this constant reshuffling of priorities as “work-life balance” but many like the benefits or support to keep a fair balance between life and work. So what is the solution? Is balance between work and home life even possible and if it is, how is it obtained?

This month we are covering how one experienced woman in HR leaves and comes back into the workforce after having a child. Our goal is to encourage dialogue and enable others to see transitions that they may need to make with more ease and understanding. Patricia had worked for 10 years in a big corporation and felt well trained to move to a small, privately held company where she landed for an additional 15 years in the same metro area. Knowing this privately held company needed lots of work, she got use to putting in long hours and trained everyone who would listen about how to handle certain situations. She gave of herself much more than was requested and she grew to feel like the company was one big family. Going from 2,000 employee atmosphere to less than 100 was quite an adjustment, but it fit her lifestyle at the time.

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What Millennials Want (In a Career)

Friday, April 15th, 2016

Confident businessmanThere is a great deal of conversation in the recruiting world about Millennials these days. You will often hear that attracting and retaining Millennials requires a different approach than that of previous generations. A great deal of time is spent discussing their desire for flexible working arrangements, their commitment to environmentally conscious business practices, and expectations of access to leading technology tools. However, what comes up less in these conversations are which companies the Millennial professional would like to work for.

All Millennials want to work for eco-friendly startups right? Actually, a recent study found quite the opposite. Hanover Research asked Millennials which companies they would like to work for most. Those who conducted the study were surprised to find the top 200 list included organizations like ExxonMobil, Dow, Chemical, and Goldman Sachs. Additionally, careers in the military and government sectors also made the list.

So what can these findings mean for recruiting Millennials? According to a SHRM article by Dana Wilkie, Millennials still find value in working for recognizable organizations who have established a reputation for career development opportunities are still desirable places of employment even if they do not directly align with their values. The findings in this study are significant because many organizations struggle with how to attract top talent in the Millennial group.

By understanding what Millennials value both on a personal and professional level, companies are better equipped to showcase what their company offer. There is no doubt that the Millennial generation is motivated differently from previous generations, however, many of their career aspirations are still rooted in the well-known organizations they grew up with. Millennials are dreaming of jobs with well-known companies that offer career advancement opportunities coupled with socially and environmentally responsible business practices.
When it comes down to it, what the many Millennials are seeking in their career development is generally obtainable with many organizations. Finding middle ground between dreams and reality is becoming more manageable for both organizations and candidates. If you need assistance in your recruiting efforts, or would like more information on how to showcase your organization to attract top talent, contact HSG today.

What’s Next for HR?

Friday, April 8th, 2016

future key or keyboard showing forecast or investment conceptThis time of year many people are considering renovation projects around their home that they put off over this past winter. They are looking to update spaces, perhaps change how they utilize an area or their home. Some are looking to make small changes to make a room more inviting while other will be completing a complete demolition and rebuild, with the end result slated to look very different than how it first appeared.

It appears that the function of HR in many organizations is going through some renovations as well. In my experience, HR professionals are always preparing for change and what may come next in their field or the industry they support. Many professionals I have spoken with have noted the increasing movement towards the automation of many administrative HR functions. Robust HRIS options and advancements in talent management systems have reduced much of the administrative tasks that once burdened many HR departments. Information about current and potential employees is easily accessible and data analysis and reporting has become easier than ever.

With all this innovation in human resource administration, the question becomes, where does HR go from here? While there always has been, and always will be, a human aspect to human resources, much of the time spent for HR managers has been bogged down in administrative responsibilities. With the burden of admin work easing up, human resource professionals are now being called to do some what of renovation of their function in the organization.

This can be both an exciting and somewhat daunting proposition for HR leaders. Words like “strategic” and “profit center” are becoming more synonymous with human resources and expectations from stake holders are growing. In reality, these concept have always been a part of the HR function in my opinion. Only now it seems that HR professionals are finally able to dig out of the piles of paperwork that once hindered them to truly demonstrate their contributions and value to the bottom line. Now is the time for HR to renovate. Out with the old administrative tasks mentality and in with the shiny new strategic value. It’s all a matter of polishing up what’s been there all along—it was just buried under a pile of paperwork.

Do You Enjoy Networking? Be Honest.

Thursday, March 31st, 2016

Do you enjoy networking? I mean really enjoy it?

If you answered no, that’s normal, you are in the majority. In fact, some studies have found that 9 out of 10 people considered themselves to be shy or introverted, in networking settings. Many professionals feel uncomfortable with the idea of networking because the practice seemsShocked screaming young woman in glasses with her social network friends and business partners in a diagram somewhat foreign to them. However, many of these same professionals possess great social skills in other situations. So is it possible to make networking a less painful process? Is it possible to even enjoy it? The answer is yes according to Susan RoAne, author of How to Work a Room: The Ultimate Guide to Making Lasting Connections.

In her book, which was recently featured in a SHRM Viewpoint article, RoAne distinguishes the difference between socializing and networking. Based on her research, RoAne has determined that there are separate skill sets for social interactions and business networking. She believes the key to success is utilizing a mix of “socialization skills” and “networking tactics”. By blending the two together, professionals become more comfortable with interacting with others on a social level which eventually leads to meaningful networking connections. In order to make the most of your next networking event, RoAne suggest to focus on preparation, practice, and making an effort to be approachable.

In regard to preparation, it’s important to spend time learning about the event, members, and attendees prior to your arrival. This will enable you to prepare a meaningful introduction and select a couple of meaningful topics to discuss. She also recommends to practice your introduction and connecting it to the event in some meaningful way. A great boast of confidence can be found in feeling fully prepared and having an idea of what you can contribute to a conversation beforehand.

Finally, RoAne stresses the importance of creating a sense of approachability with others. This can be accomplished with a welcoming smile and an interesting article of clothing or accessory like a fun tie or unique piece of jewelry. The idea is to create an opportunity to start a dialogue and establish some common ground. Once the conversation is flowing, great connections can be forged, both personally and professionally.

Networking like a pro doesn’t mean you have to leave your personality at the door. In fact, connecting with others is far easier when they have the opportunity to really get to know you. If you would like to learn more about networking opportunities in our area, contact our office today. We are a part of many professional organizations and groups and would love to assist you in developing a knack for networking.

The Subconscious Interpretation of a Severance Package

Tuesday, March 17th, 2015

The Mindfloat Mentality

You worked hard for years. You got laid off. You want to do those things you have been missing for some time. You got this severance package. Now what?You go into what I call “Mindfloat”. Mindfloat is when you decide not to make a decision but rather watch the days, weeks, and months go by as you “renovate your house”, “paint a few rooms”, “get to that project” or maybe take that trip. Continue reading “The Subconscious Interpretation of a Severance Package” »

Do You Love Your Job?

Thursday, February 12th, 2015

It’s Time to Fall in Love Again…with Your Career

A lot of Americans hate their jobs.  Our talented, inspiring, and tenacious workforce is like none other in the world, and some of us hate every minute of our work lives. If you’re a business owner, the idea of your best and brightest talent potentially jumping ship is certainly a sentiment that will keep you up at night.  On the other hand, if you’re one of the many American workers counting the days until your dream job appears, your ship can’t come in soon enough.

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Social Media at Work: Friend or Foe?

Thursday, December 18th, 2014

Guarding Your Ship

The phrase “loose lips sink ships” was made popular during World War II in an effort to safeguard U.S. military secrets during the war. To Uncle Sam, casual conversations, even those lacking malicious intent, could have potentially detrimental effects on the war effort. The idea was taken very seriously and the term is still around today when discussing information that should be guarded with the greatest of care. Of course back then they didn’t have the internet. I often wonder if such an idea would have been viable in the age of social media.There is no doubt that there has been a dramatic shift in the way information is shared since the war. Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook, all make it possible to share details with the world within seconds.

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What Does Talent Want?

Wednesday, November 12th, 2014

Attracting the Top Performers

In continuation of our series featuring influential speakers at the 23rd Annual Garden State Council  SHRM Conference and Expo in New Jersey, I would like to share a piece from Matt Gilbert, Chief Creative Officer for Bayard Advertising.  I had the pleasure of not only being able to attend Matt’s session but also speak with him personally about talent acquisition techniques—primarily for smaller organizations.

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Informing HR through Big Data

Wednesday, November 12th, 2014

How to Leverage Big Data in Your Organization

I have long been fascinated by how we make decisions. I meet with business leaders on a daily basis who seem to have different methods in coming to a decision about what’s right for their organization. When working with clients, one of the ways Hiring Solutions Group can be of assistance is to gather insight into the decision-making process and the information they use to make those decisions.

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Rough Seas: Navigating Workplace Conflict

Friday, November 7th, 2014

Is Workplace Conflict Rocking the Boat in Organization?

I recently came across the devastating story of a man killed at work as a result of a disagreement with another employee. He was a father of seven. More and more it seems stories like these are part of the evening news. Fellow employees interviewed in these stories typically express feelings of shock and disbelief but upon further investigation it becomes clear that a conflict between the parties had been intensifying for quite some time.

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