Do You Enjoy Networking? Be Honest.

Thursday, March 31st, 2016

Do you enjoy networking? I mean really enjoy it?

If you answered no, that’s normal, you are in the majority. In fact, some studies have found that 9 out of 10 people considered themselves to be shy or introverted, in networking settings. Many professionals feel uncomfortable with the idea of networking because the practice seemsShocked screaming young woman in glasses with her social network friends and business partners in a diagram somewhat foreign to them. However, many of these same professionals possess great social skills in other situations. So is it possible to make networking a less painful process? Is it possible to even enjoy it? The answer is yes according to Susan RoAne, author of How to Work a Room: The Ultimate Guide to Making Lasting Connections.

In her book, which was recently featured in a SHRM Viewpoint article, RoAne distinguishes the difference between socializing and networking. Based on her research, RoAne has determined that there are separate skill sets for social interactions and business networking. She believes the key to success is utilizing a mix of “socialization skills” and “networking tactics”. By blending the two together, professionals become more comfortable with interacting with others on a social level which eventually leads to meaningful networking connections. In order to make the most of your next networking event, RoAne suggest to focus on preparation, practice, and making an effort to be approachable.

In regard to preparation, it’s important to spend time learning about the event, members, and attendees prior to your arrival. This will enable you to prepare a meaningful introduction and select a couple of meaningful topics to discuss. She also recommends to practice your introduction and connecting it to the event in some meaningful way. A great boast of confidence can be found in feeling fully prepared and having an idea of what you can contribute to a conversation beforehand.

Finally, RoAne stresses the importance of creating a sense of approachability with others. This can be accomplished with a welcoming smile and an interesting article of clothing or accessory like a fun tie or unique piece of jewelry. The idea is to create an opportunity to start a dialogue and establish some common ground. Once the conversation is flowing, great connections can be forged, both personally and professionally.

Networking like a pro doesn’t mean you have to leave your personality at the door. In fact, connecting with others is far easier when they have the opportunity to really get to know you. If you would like to learn more about networking opportunities in our area, contact our office today. We are a part of many professional organizations and groups and would love to assist you in developing a knack for networking.

Need a New Job?

Friday, September 11th, 2015

Don’t look casually!

When you need to look for a new job, it’s most often while you are currently working. It’s a difficult process, and without direction from someone who has guided many others – you may find yourself feeling trapped, and challenged to keep motivated. It is hard work to find a job. Some even say it’s a whole new career in Marketing. If you are an introvert on top of that, it’s even more challenging. However, if you’re at the top of your game (or close to it), and you want what little free time you have to keep life in balance. We have a plan which will address this.

In nearly two decades of recruiting experience, we’ve had many candidates come to us for various reasons – but we find that when it comes to the top talent who is looking for work (regardless of industry or field), the reason always boils down to these same three basic statements:

1. I need to find a new job – yesterday (time).

2. I don’t have time to look (time).

3. I think I might be able to find a job on my own, but it could be several months or longer, especially nowadays when job hunting is like learning a new field! (so time, time and time again).

In the past, this is why executive search agents and executive recruiters existed – to save time on the client side of the equation! Nowadays, more often it is the other way around, and finding companies their best people doesn’t necessarily keep your considerations and concerns in mind. You need to find your best possible working environment, not just make a deal go through for a recruiter. That’s where the Career Solutions Group from HSG comes in, We work to create the best possible long-term matches from both sides, constantly. But we go even beyond that with this innovative program that focuses solely on YOU. So how does the Career Solutions Group help you, specifically with the 3 obstacles listed above?

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Get Your First Raise – Before You Get the Job!

Monday, May 18th, 2015

Many companies think they are being smart by advertising a position with 10 years’ experience needed – with a request for 3 or 5.  Bottom line, they want to save money, and ideally have a candidate come to them.  However, many studies have shown that when you have a healthier and more reasonable request, you will get someone closer – who will also stay longer and have a greater impact on your bottom line. This effectively starts off the relationship with a more honest association with the new employer.


Now, if a company didn’t do that, and you’re a candidate with great qualifications looking, and all you see are jobs with 1/2 or 1/4 the amount of experience you bring to the table, what should you do to get the best possible salary?


I call it “Planning to Hang Around”.  You need to understand that you can’t get this accomplished in a rush, and that your dedication to this situation and others is crucial to a better and more balanced result.


If you focus only at the $$$ offered and only see things through the lens they give you, you will be the candidate who sees the ad for $75K and takes it for $76, thinking you are way ahead of the curve.  Or, even more extreme, it says $75 and that’s all that you ask for – despite the fact that you’re worth so much more.


However, when you put the emphasis on the idea that the relationship can be valued and treasured (at least initially), and can work to create an atmosphere in which that can be done – there is more to be revealed.  Most HR and Recruiting agencies can have bonuses tied to creating the most equitable situations for the companies – which are rarely in your favor.  Get to the point of speaking to the actual person who is in charge of hiring you.  If they like you enough to want to take you to lunch or dinner, you then have an open door to ask for them to have someone recognize your value in your salary.


Example:  Job offered at $85K 2 weeks ago, our Candidate Development Group (CDG) member got our help.  After we met with him and helped build his plan and rapport with the employer.   He just received an offer for $110K from the company.


Is it worth it to upgrade your job search with us?

Our CDG candidate would say so.

Will you?


Find out more about our Candidate Development Group program!

LinkedIn or CutOut?

Friday, March 20th, 2015

An “All-Star” on LinkedIn will often burn out quick… but why?

It’s no secret that professional networking sites like LinkedIn can offer opportunities to connect with potential employers and industry leaders. Many job seekers eagerly wait to hear from companies, who have viewed their LinkedIn profile after crafting the “perfect” profile. Continue reading “LinkedIn or CutOut?” »

The Subconscious Interpretation of a Severance Package

Tuesday, March 17th, 2015

The Mindfloat Mentality

You worked hard for years. You got laid off. You want to do those things you have been missing for some time. You got this severance package. Now what?You go into what I call “Mindfloat”. Mindfloat is when you decide not to make a decision but rather watch the days, weeks, and months go by as you “renovate your house”, “paint a few rooms”, “get to that project” or maybe take that trip. Continue reading “The Subconscious Interpretation of a Severance Package” »

Do You Love Your Job?

Thursday, February 12th, 2015

It’s Time to Fall in Love Again…with Your Career

A lot of Americans hate their jobs.  Our talented, inspiring, and tenacious workforce is like none other in the world, and some of us hate every minute of our work lives. If you’re a business owner, the idea of your best and brightest talent potentially jumping ship is certainly a sentiment that will keep you up at night.  On the other hand, if you’re one of the many American workers counting the days until your dream job appears, your ship can’t come in soon enough.

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What’s YOUR Turnaround Plan? Part 2 of 2

Thursday, October 23rd, 2014

How do we change?  How do we advance?

Let’s return to the example of John Chen (Blackberry’s CEO) from our previous post. John spends much of his 18-hour-a-day work week pursuing conversations with past clients, who have moved away from the brand. Listening and learning is one of the greatest ways to be open to change and growth.

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What’s YOUR Turnaround Plan? Part 1 of 2

Monday, September 22nd, 2014

What’s Your Next Move?

Yesterday I had the honor of speaking to one of the top engineers in the New York metro area. He was recently let go from a position, and feels that the company made a mistake. He is going to “wait for the phone to ring”. While he has reached out to Hiring Solutions Group, there’s very little we can do if he’s unwilling to accept what happened and move on.

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18 Steps for the MPC to Find and Land the Dream Job: Part 4

Thursday, May 15th, 2014

Best Practices: Part 4

In this ongoing series, HSG has started to look into the skills and methods used by Most Placeable Candidates to find and land their dream jobs.

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18 Steps for the MPC to Find and Land the Dream Job: Part 3

Thursday, May 8th, 2014

Knowledge is Power

In this ongoing series, HSG has started to look into the skills and methods used by Most Placeable Candidates to find and land their dream jobs.

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