The Temptation of Temporary Arrangements

Thursday, January 15th, 2015

New Jersey Small Business Challenges aren’t just for New Jersey…

For lack of a better expression: temping is very tempting! We all love the idea that someone joins us and works really, really hard for months in the hopes that it turn into something more permanent. We think that we are getting super people to start with who will be very dedicated to making things work. In recent years, the use of temporary employees grew as a result of the Recession. Many companies cut staff and relied on temporary workers to get projects completed on shoe string budgets. With massive layoffs around the country, organizations could find top talent from career professionals who had recently lost their jobs. Continue reading “The Temptation of Temporary Arrangements” »

Social Media at Work: Friend or Foe?

Thursday, December 18th, 2014

Guarding Your Ship

The phrase “loose lips sink ships” was made popular during World War II in an effort to safeguard U.S. military secrets during the war. To Uncle Sam, casual conversations, even those lacking malicious intent, could have potentially detrimental effects on the war effort. The idea was taken very seriously and the term is still around today when discussing information that should be guarded with the greatest of care. Of course back then they didn’t have the internet. I often wonder if such an idea would have been viable in the age of social media.There is no doubt that there has been a dramatic shift in the way information is shared since the war. Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook, all make it possible to share details with the world within seconds.

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Meeting Future Demands Through Workforce Planning

Thursday, December 18th, 2014

Does Your Organization Have a Plan?

The United States’ infrastructure gets a lot of discussion these days. Some think that programs should be put in place to resurface, and build more, roads, bridges, dams and other critical pieces of our economy. One argument is that some of the best projects undertaken, ones that yielded the greatest return, were New Deal projects undertaken during the Great Depression.

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Is Your Organization Happily Engaged or Ready for a Change?

Friday, November 21st, 2014

How to Energize Engagement and Embrace Change

There’s an old Japanese Proverb that says the bamboo that bends, is stronger than the oak that resists. I like to reference this saying when consulting with clients on change management within their organization. The idea is simple enough—strength comes from the ability to bend and adapt rather than fight and resist. However, many organizations struggle with addressing change within their company and preparing their staff for it as well.

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What Does Talent Want?

Wednesday, November 12th, 2014

Attracting the Top Performers

In continuation of our series featuring influential speakers at the 23rd Annual Garden State Council  SHRM Conference and Expo in New Jersey, I would like to share a piece from Matt Gilbert, Chief Creative Officer for Bayard Advertising.  I had the pleasure of not only being able to attend Matt’s session but also speak with him personally about talent acquisition techniques—primarily for smaller organizations.

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Rough Seas: Navigating Workplace Conflict

Friday, November 7th, 2014

Is Workplace Conflict Rocking the Boat in Organization?

I recently came across the devastating story of a man killed at work as a result of a disagreement with another employee. He was a father of seven. More and more it seems stories like these are part of the evening news. Fellow employees interviewed in these stories typically express feelings of shock and disbelief but upon further investigation it becomes clear that a conflict between the parties had been intensifying for quite some time.

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Is Your Talent Strategy A Home Run?

Tuesday, November 4th, 2014

HR super hero

With the recent win of the World Series going to the San Francisco Giants last week, I found myself considering the role strategy played in their success and how it can influence success for organizations as well. After all, baseball requires many of the same principles strategic planning requires and both need the support of a team to be effective. Both teams showed up to win but in the end the Giants’ strategy proved more effective in reaching their goals this year.  Continue reading “Is Your Talent Strategy A Home Run?” »

Know Your Customer – Know Your Value

Thursday, October 30th, 2014

Why Recruiters Need to Understand HRM

There is a very select group of external Executive Recruiters who have learned about Human Resources in a formal sense. After being in the business a number of years, I felt it was time to become one of them – to go beyond the occasional course and our regular training, and actually entrench myself in a conference for the Society of Human Resource Management, here in New Jersey. Continue reading “Know Your Customer – Know Your Value” »

Building Relationships That Last

Wednesday, October 15th, 2014

The Right Candidates for the Right Clients

Much like a new job, when you work with a new client, you want to make sure that you are supporting the values which you share, and enable you to grow over the long term. This is actually how we create a discussion for people who are currently working to leave good companies and come to great ones – what we call “passive” candidates.

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Conscious Capitalism

Wednesday, October 8th, 2014

Combining Corporate Ethics &  Human Caring

Attention all those who complain that “I can’t get it for what Wal-Mart pays”. Under new auspices – now you can.  Well, at least that’s what Kip Tindell of The Container Store claims.  Kip sounds like he is one of the founders of the concept of “Conscious Capitalism”.  His website is a platform for his collected ideas, in sync with marketing and advertising concepts about how companies should commit to others.

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