How HSG's recruiting strategy helped lower costs and eliminate critical vulnerabilities

Our client came to us seeking guidance on how to approach the redesign of the backend of their website.  The site had been custom-built by a consultant who was also the only individual with knowledge of its design.  In addition to being costly, the consultant had become increasingly unavailable.

  • We hired a programmer as a consultant through the Hiring Solutions Group for the back-end of our website. The quality of the hire and the rate have been fantastic. After one year of working together, we have accomplished a tremendous amount. Michael preempted our concerns at times and they were addressed quickly and correctly. We strongly recommend HSG for their careful selection of consultants!

    Mike Zhurba
    Mike Zhurba Information Technology and VoIP Services Professional

Our Approach

HSG thoroughly assessed the situation and helped the client reevaluate the short and long-term objectives related to their website.  Through this process, HSG identified a potential risk – should they no longer be able to rely on the consultant, the company might find itself in a situation where it would have to invest in an entirely new website.  HSG recommended that the client consider bringing in a new, junior programmer to train under the consultant.


Our client was very pleased with the result of HSG’s talent management strategy. The junior programmer was trained and mentored by the consultant, and is now proficient in the website’s codebase. The junior programmer gained valuable professional development from being taught by a senior programmer, and has excelled in contributing additional technical skills to the company. HSG’s approach not only addressed the company’s knowledge transfer issues, but reduced costs related to website management by nearly 70%!

HSG’s goal is to help companies solve problems and enhance performance through hiring and staffing solutions.  We are committed to understanding our clients’ capabilities and limitations so that our services contribute to the company’s overall wellbeing.

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