Case Studies

The following stories are told in our own words.

Not Only What You Ask For, But Also What You Need

Try, Try, and Try Again!

  • Try, Try and Try Again!
    • The best candidate for the position worked for a competitor and was quite content to stay there. Our job was to convince him that we had an opportunity worth moving to another company for.

Transformation road sign illustration design

  • Transforming a Company With a Strong Hire
    • Client had to improve in area of product development but its culture favored previous ways of doing things over innovation. Would the company accept David, a talented change agent who had proven himself in some of the best product development companies to date?

  • Johnny Come Lately
    • Trying to keep the best candidate in the bullpen when other opportunities beckoned, despite agreement of department heads to hire, owner demanded last say and procrastinated final decision.

But You Don't Speak Our Language

  • But You Don’t Speak Our Language
    • Working with someone different from yourself forces you to grow. But in this case, our client was unable to fully recognize their needs, and was hesitant to hire a candidate who initially appeared to have a very different background from existing management. They were concerned that she would be unable to work successfully within the approach, terminology, and techniques of their business. We needed to create the solution, using Workplace Simulation, position profiling, and other intercession.

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