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What “Career Solutions” Do You Need?

A flawless resume is your golden ticket to a job interview. However, most hiring managers will only spend 6 seconds or less looking at it.

This is assuming your resume is even seen by a human. Many organizations use automated applicant tracking software to pre-screen resumes and reject the ones lacking the right keywords.

This is where we come in. Our highly experienced HR experts know exactly how these behind-the-scenes processes work. We’ll give you the insider scoop to ensure your resume features everything needed to move past the screening software and get forwarded to a live person.

We’ll edit, fine tune, and polish your experiences, accomplishments, and skills so your finished resume highlights all the qualities that hiring managers are looking for. We will even help you draft a compelling cover letter which compliments your resume perfectly. Paired together, your final documents will make a winning combination that’s sure to impress!

Believe it or not, getting called in for an interview is the “easy part.” Where many applicants fail is at that critical in-person interview stage. Why? Because they go in unprepared.

Our team of professionals will run you through a gauntlet of realistic role-playing scenarios that will more than prepare you to handle the stressors of any live interview situation.

We know all the popular interview questions that modern hiring managers love to ask and will ensure you’re able to respond to them with confidence and poise.

But the coaching doesn’t stop there! Interviewers love when candidates show that they’ve done their homework, because it demonstrates enthusiasm for the job. So we will teach you how to research companies—and the actual interviewers themselves. After finishing this portion of your training, you’ll know exactly what to expect, what to say, and how to say it to persuade your interviewers that you’re the right person for the job.

Our mock interview sessions include:

  • Proven Pre-Interview Tactics
  • Best Practice Phone Interview Techniques
  • Critical In-Person Interview Practice
  • Comprehensive Post-Interview Debrief

During this exploratory phase, we run a holistic analysis of your past to plan for your future. This multi-step counseling process includes:

  • Breaking down your career decisions to flush out hazards to avoid going forward;
  • Objective reality-checking to determine if the timing is right for a job change or simply a mindset change;
  • “Big picture” strategy planning to establish goals and milestones aimed at enhancing your marketability and securing your long-term success.

We also include a comprehensive work gap analysis  for clients who know precisely where they want to be in their career but can’t figure out why they’re not there yet!

This is a common problem with highly qualified professionals that we’ve built a concise “gap analysis” program to succinctly address it. Many people simply need an objective expert outsider to take a thoughtful, strategic bird’s eye view and pinpoint the chinks in their professional armor.

Our team knows how to do that. We’re adept at looking at your entire background, from training and education to previous jobs held, to identify the barriers that have inadvertently held you back from reaching your full potential. After we have discovered your barriers to success, we’ll work with you so that you can overcome them!

Finally, we review your current networking  strategy. What good is having a network if you don’t know how to use it?

Time and again we encounter job seekers who possess truly outstanding connections through LinkedIn, alumni associations, friends and family, or professional and community ties. Then we discover that these well-connected individuals are failing to maximize the benefits of their relationships!

If this sounds like you, don’t worry. We’ll review your existing network connections, as well as scout for potential new ones. Then we’ll work with you to formulate an unbeatable personalized plan to put these powerful ties to work for a change! You’ll be amazed at the results as doors start opening on new opportunities, all thanks to the incredible power of networking

If you don’t already have a prominent online presence, you’re letting the competition get the positions you want.

Our tech-savvy professionals will work with you to develop a high-impact, high-visibility presence which showcases your skills and experience while marketing your best attributes to the world.

We’ll also screen for areas which could be working against you, because make no mistake—modern hiring managers are scrutinizing your public-facing online content. You want to get noticed…but for the right reasons, not the wrong ones!

Don’t let your past define your future.

Free yourself of unfavorable Google results, bad press, web lies and unflattering photos. We work within the law to erase links and negative information so they no longer show up online.

Applicants often submit contact information of references who may not be their best advocates.

A coworker who you got along well with doesn’t necessarily know anything about offering a professional referral for you. Through no fault of their own, they simply might not know how to sufficiently identify your strengths and speak about them during an all-important reference check. Meanwhile, not all former supervisors are as eager to sing our praises as we might like to believe.

Organizations place significant weight on reference responses. Don’t leave these to chance. We will assess the accuracy and suitability of your potential references and identify which ones can offer the strongest, most compelling referrals.

Reference checking means that you’re on the home stretch, so you can’t afford to leave anything to chance during this critical stage of your candidacy. We’ll make sure your advocates know how to seal the deal for you.

Do you get uncomfortable discussing salary negotiations? You must get over that, because hiring organizations are very comfortable with it! And they’re counting on you to not be.

There’s absolutely no reason to throw away potentially thousands of dollars a year in wages that you could have received. And yet people do it all the time. So we will teach you how to sidestep that pitfall by showing you simple tricks of the trade to determine your “value” within any given hiring scenario.

Next, we’ll train you to feel perfectly at ease as you negotiate from a well-informed position. The truth is, once an organization recognizes that the person they are dealing with knows what they are doing, they’re far less likely to fiddle around.

Here’s an open secret—the most successful people in business were often not alone as they climbed that ladder to the top. Many reached their dreams by maintaining a long-term mentorship from a leader in their field, someone who worked with them each step of the way.

After completing five mentoring sessions  with our clients, we’re able to make tailored suggestions on how a temporary continuing mentorship could be of value in the technical aspects of your own career management. If this is sounds like a viable option for you, you’ll know you’re in good hands with us.

We take great care to match you with the best possible mentor for your unique situation, someone who’ll work diligently to find opportunities for you to leverage in order to evolve your career. There’s no reason to go it alone when you can reap the benefits of having a tailor-fit mentor in your corner!

Let’s face it—for anyone to seriously boost their skills, they require not only practice but constructive feedback. However, feedback only works when it comes from objective individuals who are actually qualified to perform such assessments.

Our latest service offering provides such insightful feedback and professional critiques of your presentation and self-promotion skills. Once these skills are honed to perfection through our coaching sessions, you’ll appear in a brief recorded presentation where you’ll introduce yourself and your background. We’ll do multiple iterations until we’ve captured an award-winning performance that you are 100% satisfied with. The final product will be a sleek high-definition video showcasing your talents to HR insiders who will see the best of you on screen!

The world is changing drastically and knowing how to evolve is crucial.

To get the most out of your time and effort and land the role that is right for you we work with a variety of professionals to attune ourselves to you and your needs.

Once our team determines your needs, we will either recommend assessment or further education to help you evolve.

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Kenneth Steinberg

Assistant Vice President – Tax at EXL Service

Michael and his team of professionals were instrumental in preparing me for some challenging interviews during a pivotal time in my career. Michael was also very helpful when it came to negotiating for a salary that was commensurate with my experience. Michael is passionate and dedicated to seeing people rise to their potential. More than an executive recruiter; Michael and his team are also coaches who provide valuable guidance throughout the entire job search.

Irene Silber

Irene Silber PR / Owner

Michael is a highly principled individual who genuinely cares about his clients, candidates and business associates. He is an innovator in his field and committed to continuous improvement and long-term success.

Mike Zhurba

Information Technology and VoIP Services Professional

We hired a programmer as a consultant through the Hiring Solutions Group for the back-end of our website. The quality of the hire and the rate have been fantastic. After one year of working together, we have accomplished a tremendous amount. Michael preempted our concerns at times and they were addressed quickly and correctly. We strongly recommend HSG for their careful selection of consultants!

Nancy Rawson

Associate Director

Michael and his team studied my background, redid my five page resume crafting a clear, complete picture of what I had to offer, and where I wanted to go. That is what I would expect at a minimum of any similar consultant. However, they went the extra mile to get to know me and what I needed professionally and personally for my next career move and helped me develop a strategy and action plan to achieve it. As a well developed professional who has no need to go from company to company, it was the biggest decision of my life at this time.

Dan Goldfine

VP Sales - Hertz Furniture

I've sought Michael Schlager's counsel on numerous occasions when considering either major business planning or human resources issues. He is insightful, passionate in his convictions, and not afraid to argue an unpopular position. Michael is an excellent devil's advocate. I wouldn't make a big move without at least his opinion, if not his blessing.

Adam Jacobs

Managing Director, Aish Center

Michael's creative thinking, positive attitude and business savvy have given my organization many great ideas and has helped save us thousands of dollars. He's a truly great person to work with.

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