Repackaged Brilliance refers to the hiring of a talented candidate who may not have direct experience in the type of work your firm does or even in the job duties of the position for which you are hiring.

If you:

a) Can’t afford market rates and/or

b) You’re looking to fill a temporary position,

This could be a great option for you.

Who are these people?

1) Career switchers, mid-life and otherwise, who have proven abilities in prior work experience.

2) Promising individuals who have not previously flourished in positions in poorly run and/or failing companies.

3) Capable out-of-work individuals who due to economic or other reasons have had difficulty finding employment in their current field of work.

4) Other situations in which a candidate’s clearly identified abilities have not been properly channeled in the past.

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What advantages do you gain from sourcing a new hire through Repackaged Brilliance?

i) Savings between 10% and 30% in salary and benefits over hiring someone who looks like a more immediate fit.

ii) A fresh perspective based on proven experience in another field.

iii) A higher-level engagement since the person wants to transform themselves!

Supporting your business from outside your industry is a key strategy to quantum growth!


How do we make it happen?

Hiring Solutions Group works closely with you as your partner to help the new employee make the transition to your company and to his or her new job by:

a) Handling all background checks, educational verification, work history, and references.

b) Conducting testing to balance the candidate’s talents, your company, and the position.

c) Helping you focus your staff or other appropriate third parties in bringing the new hire up to speed.

d) Helping you develop a monitoring system to measure the employee’s progress on an continuing basis, perhaps with more flexibility than with a traditionally sourced employee.

e) Assisting you in gauging the return on your money for the hire vs. the trade-off for lower salary and benefits.

There will never be a ‘one-size-fits-all’ solution when bringing a new hire to the workplace. Is repackaged brilliance right for you?
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