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Our “Business Solutions Group” grew out of our eagerness to satisfy more of our clients’ long-term needs.  We believe that our best clients see their business success as being based on people, rather than cold and matter-of-fact flowcharts, theories and algorithms.

Yes, those tools do work, but the ultimate decision will always be a human one.

Working with many local businesses over the last 25 years, we tend to become “Trusted Advisers” to our clients.  We’ve learned where some practices work and others may not for employers to achieve success.  As the owner of a small business, you are dealing with people (and all their challenges).  Many leaders of businesses large and small report that 60% of their time, or more, is directed towards concerns about the people who work for them.

We have over 16 years of experience in the field of business consultation, including Michael’s work with over 20 Wall Street businesses when they were being invented and reinvented.  We have worked with many companies and learned the best way to success through great people.  We believe in a holistic approach to the human success of your business – not just through recruiting great candidates with HSG, but supporting the staff you have now and making sure that everything is flowing smoothly in the best possible direction.

What areas can we help you improve on?

  • Sales
  • Sales Support & Management
  • Marketing
  • Branding
  • New Product Research
  • New Product Development
  • Product Sales & Launch
  • Client Followup

If you need help in other areas, we can help too!

Let’s face it: people are the root of most business practices and concerns – and the main strength of any company is having good people.

So let’s move your company forward together!

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Here’s what people say about us:

Michael’s creative thinking, positive attitude and business savvy have given my organization many great ideas and has helped save us thousands of dollars. He’s a truly great person to work with.

Adam JacobsManaging Director at the Aish Center

I’ve sought Michael Schlager’s counsel on numerous occasions when considering either major business planning or human resources issues. He is insightful, passionate in his convictions, and not afraid to argue an unpopular position. Michael is an excellent devil’s advocate. I wouldn’t make a big move without at least his opinion, if not his blessing.

Dan Goldfine
testimonial avatar

Michael has recruited and consulted for me on many occasions (over 30). His commitment to our company and the candidates comes through both in his dedication and sincere insights into his work. On occasion he got to know us well enough to say “you will like candidate A, but candidate B is best for you for the following reasons…”. He was right on those occasions and many others. The metrics of the average stay of an employee worked for us as well (about 4.2 years). Our company grew substantially …

Jeff ArbeitCFO & COO (Retired)