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Social Media Recruiting: The New Normal?

The way job candidates are recruited has evolved for some time now with an increase in the use of online talent management applications.  With more job hunters being required to apply online, the search process has become heavily dependent on internet searches for career opportunities.  Organizations are becoming increasingly more [...]

3 Networking Tips Straight From an Expert

Do you enjoy networking? Really enjoy it? If you answered no, then you're not alone. Most people consider themselves to be shy or introverted at networking events. Many are uncomfortable with networking because the practice seems unnatural to them. However, some of these same people possess great social skills in [...]

What’s Next for HR?

This time of year, many people are considering renovation projects around their home which they put off over this past winter. Some are looking to make small changes to make a room more inviting while others will be undertaking a complete demolition and rebuild, with the result slated to look [...]

What Millennials Want (In a Career)

There is a great deal of conversation in the recruiting world about millennials these days. You will often hear that attracting and retaining millennials requires a different approach than that of previous generations. A lot of time is spent discussing their desire for flexible working arrangements, their commitment to environmentally [...]