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In today’s world, it just isn’t enough to match facts on a resume with facts on a job description.

Hiring Solutions Group (HSG) is eager to work with exceptional employers that want to bring in great talent that will last. We provide stability for both employers and candidates by collaboratively aligning the needs of the employer with the talent, skills and ambitions of the candidate.

Making the right match requires a level of personal interaction that software screening and Internet searches alone cannot provide. We provide one-on-one coaching (to both employers and candidates), until we find the winning combination that delivers a coveted “Purple Squirrel”, the best possible candidate to fit your needs.

Our collaborative approach is based on years of experience, consistently meeting with clients and candidates face-to-face in New York, New Jersey and Connecticut. We also have national partnerships we’ve developed with over 400 search firms during the past 15 years. As a result of working with the best of the best in search firms, we offer you a proven approach that gets results. That guarantees the most effective outcome for you.

Our method works. Let it work for you today!

Meet our Real-World Technical Interviewers – Read more about the Hiring Solutions Group team here.

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