Who We Are

Hiring Solutions Group (HSG) is an executive recruiting, coaching and consulting firm that knows how to listen to understand the needs of your business. We dig deep into the executive search process to find leading candidates. We also perform deep research and employ subject matter experts (SMEs) in coaching and consulting.

This has allowed us to expand and achieve considerable success with our Career Solutions Group (CSG), Business Solutions Group (BSG), Coaching Solutions Group and HR Solutions Group (HRSG) divisions, operating cohesively, with one overriding goal: ensuring growth and success for all aspects of business and career.

Our SMART Team

Subject Matter Advisors for Reposition & Transition

Think SMART when making your next move.

Our SMART Team of talent advisors works with executives, business owners, and career migrators. They provide subject matter advice to enable smart repositioning or transitioning in the constantly evolving and always challenging business environment.

Repositioning is evolving your state of mind to enable you to develop and grow in your current position, or within your current company. Whereas transitioning is developing you to take on a different job or move to a new company.

We work in a broad range of industries and have worked with companies across a multitude of sectors.

Our client’s success is our success.

Our Founder

Michael Schlager thinking of your next business move

Michael Schlager, HSG Founder

Michael graduated with a degree in Political Science, is certified by Rutgers in Next Generation Human Resources, has NAPS certification as a Certified Personal Consultant (CPC), has Elite Certified Recruitment Expert from AIRS, and studied business in Wharton. He has also been in the executive recruitment business for over 20 years.

Michael has aided organizations of all sizes. His passion is to work with owners, managers, and employees to facilitate the attainment of their goals and to help them bring their visions to reality. Michael has brought together a team that possesses over 300 years of professional experience in a multiplicity of industry groups. Our leaders bring a wealth of experience from startups, small businesses, regional brands, and Fortune 100 companies.

When he’s not with his son, or working with clients, Michael can be found attending industry conferences and events. He continuously strives to further develop his skills to provide the support and continued growth that his clients (individuals and companies) have come to expect.

Three Generations of Matchmakers

My mother, Nathalie Lewin Schlager, brought up four wonderful children (at least I think that). But once we were all out of the house, she was itching to do something else to develop herself. She started as a secretary and within a few short months, she was asked to go into training as a Business Broker. Seeing her working on deals all day and night taught me a lot about what it means to be dedicated – how to be that visionary for what other people sometimes can’t imagine – and most of all, how to get deals done!

Like Executive Recruiting, Business Brokerage consists of one working with both the buyers and the sellers to come to an understanding before closing a deal. It takes the mind of a great psychologist to decipher the multiple minds and agendas of all parties involved in the sale. Sometimes it’s entire families, sometimes it’s due to a divorce and many places in between such as a board or a majority shareholder retiring and a shift in the board’s way of looking at their future. My mother did that day in and day out. Bottom line, she had grit and she had what it took to make a great match! And to this day, at 91 (may she live to 120), she is a great influence on me.

On the other side of the family, my grandfather, Saul Schlager, had a reputation so wonderful, you could sleep on it. He built mattresses from scratch. Yes, 100% U.S.-made all the parts, in his little factory in Malden, Massachusetts…

(Not like a modern-day Ford Mustang where most of the parts are imported vs. a Toyota Sienna which is more all-American than the Ford – Please excuse the diversion here. but I can’t help but comment on modern disinformation.)

My father, Maynard Schlager, taking it up a notch, built my Grandpa Saul’s mattress business into a very large company over time. The company began delivering mattresses (including other brands that met the “Schlager standard”) all over the country. To my family, comfort in sleeping was everything. My father was all about keeping standards – something my grandfather doubted that others could do. Grandpa Saul was an artist. That’s why so many people came and only wanted something done built by his hands – trust and thoughtfulness ran deep.

Every day, my grandfather spoke to potential buyers of his mattresses. Then, a soon-to-be great insurance salesperson asked him to send referrals his way. This Liberty Mutual salesman began to call my grandfather once a week and built up a great rapport with him. In fact, he eventually built the most successful division of Liberty Mutual and I’m sure that was due in part to my grandfather’s help. One person told me that my grandfather sent him over 300 clients through the years, and I’m sure it was reciprocal. Multiple matches were made all around.

In my mind, these stories are what lead me to the Executive Recruiting, Coaching, and Career Development work I do every day to satisfy our growing customer base. Just the other day when I visited an old client, a salesperson started telling me about their new products. I immediately thought of my client base and gave someone a call. They have a meeting next week. Matches happen just that easily.

Cheers to matchmaking! Thank you, Mom, Dad and Grandpa Saul!

-Michael Schlager, Founder