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Michael Schlager, HSG Founder

With over 20 years in the executive recruitment business, Michael has aided organizations of all sizes. His passion is to work with owners, managers, and employees to facilitate the attainment of their goals and to help them bring their visions to reality. Michael has brought together a team that possesses over 300 years of professional experience in a multiplicity of industry groups. Our leaders bring a wealth of experience from startups, small businesses, regional brands, and Fortune 100 companies.

Michael Schlager explains Hiring Solutions Group foundation


Subject Matter Advisors for Reposition & Transition (SMART)

Think SMART when making your next move.

Our SMART team or talent advisors work with executives, business owners and career migrators to provide subject matter advisory to enable smart repositioning and transitioning in the constantly evolving and always challenging modern business environment.

We work in a broad range of industries and have worked with companies across a multitude of sectors.

Our Client’s Success Is Our Success

Dr. Risa SchulmanRisa Schulman, PhD

Risa Schulman, PhD is a functional food and dietary supplement expert, professional speaker and writer and an industry leader with 18 years of experience at such major industry players as POM Wonderful, Solgar Vitamins and Mars Botanical. She is president and founder of Tap~Root, a New Jersey-based consulting firm.

Jess TodtfeldJess Todtfeld

Jess Todtfeld is an expert in the field of media and communications. With over 15 years of experience as a TV producer at major broadcasting stations like NBC, ABC, and Fox, he can provide exclusive insight into what it takes to make the cut in one of the most competitive industries out there.

Greg JarboeGreg Jarboe

Greg Jarboe is the president and co-founder of SEO-PR and the author of YouTube and Video Marketing: An Hour a Day. He is also one of the 25 successful online marketing gurus profiled in Michael Miller’s Online Marketing Heroes: Interviews with 25 Successful Online Marketing Gurus.

Boris KerzhnerBoris Kerzhner

Boris Kerzhner is a Senior Data Scientist at BookXChange. Combining his experience with Big Data and using many of the tools and techniques he had learned for Bioinformatics he finds answers to some classic questions of customer segmentation, customer lifetime value, fraud detection, profile matching, and awards and rankings just to name a few.

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