Charming scenery outside HSG at
A-1 Nutrition in Passaic, NJ.

Career Thoughts and Office Space Ideas. 

What influences your mood and productivity before you get in the office? 

What tweaks your senses?

Many people are going back to work. Some call it, “Hitting the office hard”. Bottom line, when you enjoy your work, the people you work with and your pre-work and work surroundings, it makes a difference in your day. 

After looking at more than 12 office rentals to bring my team to, I chose my office for a few good reasons.: 

1. The owners are on site.2. It is well maintained.3. It’s over the top – creativity, flowers and birdhouses are everywhere. (Just look at the photo!  But please don’t look at my car when you walk by – it’s really a sacrifice for the birds!) 

I knew I was going to be putting in a lot of overtime, which was a tradeoff for not going into New York City. I wanted something local – Passaic, New Jersey was and is the place.  We looked around at Clifton, Garfield and Lodi, but Passaic had this downtown feeling that both my staff and I really related to.  The fact that a bus stop was right in front was great for our staff as well. 

Thanks to my landlords, Kevin and June at A1 Nutrition on the 1st floor, it’s a joy to show up to the office in the morning, after work, or whenever the team breaks. Their outdoor gardens and beautiful, whimsical birdhouses are a breath of fresh air to say the least! This goes well beyond the natural food and aromatic soups they’ve made and sold for 40 years! Who does that?   

Even further, walking into A1 Nutrition, it’s easy to see that June and Kevin put their customers 1st and their employees – who model kindness so well – a close 2nd.  I know they personally train their employees, but the examples set through their presence are far above the best training you could ever find.   

In fact, years ago, the job board, Monster hired a fleet of Ivy League grads only to find out that people like Kevin and June, who had their pulse on what was going on every day, had a better chance of running the company than those guys! Most of the new Ivy Leaguers were let go after their short stint to turn-around the failing company.   

To me, great companies are founded on the principle of strong engagement and that’s what you see with Kevin and June every day!  

Again, it’s just that much more than any training can provide.  It’s a nature to spread to others. I think of A1 as my own personal “Cheers Bar” (for those who remember the show)!  I even send clients there with gift certificates or just to see what it means to have great customer service! 

Getting back to the location, we love to explore the next round of plantings and decor that Kevin brings to this creative space. I don’t think that Google, Facebook, and Salesforce combined could come up with something so personalized, beautiful and artistic. 

Certain things have subtle influence on the way we feel and work. The artistic charm that they bring to this space makes a difference every day for those that work here, and the clients that visit. Very few fail to notice the beauty and comment on what surrounds our office space. 

When I leave, I often think about what I can add to my garden’s ambiance! – If I could just get Kevin to drop by! 

Your work space, and atmosphere matters. Beyond the great people you work with, beyond the 8 plus hours a day you spend with them,  what are you looking at every day coming in and leaving the office?  What subtle things make a difference in your morning? 

Besides the office itself – it’s what leads up to, or conjures, that first moment in the office which makes each day that much more meaningful for yourself and others.  In conclusion, we’re still loving our office space! 

Do you notice the beauty surrounding you in and outside your office? How do you feel about driving up to your office? Is it a friendly office?

And, beyond the beauty of your workspace, if something clicked “wrong”  inside of you when I said, “the great people you work with”, see our Career Solutions Group (CSG) program. It might be time you sought a more enjoyable place to work, for many reasons. 

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