I'm Michael Schlager, Founder of HSG.
I lead Purple Squirrels and Game Changers to industry-leading firms.

“It’s rare to find a friend to do this.”

Kelly CobbsAccount Manager at Ashokan Water Service

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At the Hiring Solution Group, we lead candidates to leading companies. We believe in providing best-in-class recruiting service that goes beyond what other recruiters do. What makes us different? We vet our candidates thoroughly by asking former clients, job seekers and those in our network for feedback on their candidacy. We dig deeper into the vetting process when we recruit. We believe in providing targeted searches within our network of over 1200 recruiters. The Hiring Solutions Group provides a consultative approach to the recruiting process. We collaborate with you to understand the needs of your business and recruit candidates accordingly. Each candidate that is presented is vetted for skills, qualifications and company fit, because we believe in going the extra mile to find the right person for your position, which also speaks to our high candidate retention levels. When you choose The Hiring Solutions Group to partner with you, you are choosing a top tier recruiting firm that works for and with you. We stay on the cutting-edge of recruiting practices as we strive for excellence through continuing education and development, which is a requirement of our staff.


The Hiring Solutions Group knows recruiting, understands the needs of your business and digs deep into the candidate process. Call us today for a free, no-commitment consultation on how we can deliver best-in-class recruiting services for your business.

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