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Leading Candidates To Leading Companies

Leading Candidates To Leading Companies

Leading Candidates To Leading Companies

Leading Candidates To Leading Companies

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How We Address Concerns (Let's Start With Perception))
How We Address Concerns (Let's Start With Perception))

Career, Business, and Executive function expertise.

We specialize in discovering new pathways for career developmentbusiness improvements, and focusing of executive potential.

Rooted in Northern NJ with a nationwide network working throughout the United States of 1,200+ partners, we are able to expertly vet the most qualified candidates, as well as mentoring any new hires, we have also helped to develop a great variety of businesses due to our insights learned from interviewing over 20,000 candidates over the last 24 years.


We collaborate with professionals in virtually every industry, including:

Information Technology
Consumer Products
Product Development
Technical Trades
Supply Chain
Test & Measurement
Human Resources

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Bringing Executive’s a coaching approach stylized to their unique needs

What Our Clients Say About Us

Kenneth Steinberg

Assistant Vice President – Tax at EXL Service

Michael and his team of professionals were instrumental in preparing me for some challenging interviews during a pivotal time in my career. Michael was also very helpful when it came to negotiating for a salary that was commensurate with my experience. Michael is passionate and dedicated to seeing people rise to their potential. More than an executive recruiter; Michael and his team are also coaches who provide valuable guidance throughout the entire job search.

Irene Silber

Irene Silber PR / Owner

Michael is a highly principled individual who genuinely cares about his clients, candidates and business associates. He is an innovator in his field and committed to continuous improvement and long-term success.

Mike Zhurba

Information Technology and VoIP Services Professional

We hired a programmer as a consultant through the Hiring Solutions Group for the back-end of our website. The quality of the hire and the rate have been fantastic. After one year of working together, we have accomplished a tremendous amount. Michael preempted our concerns at times and they were addressed quickly and correctly. We strongly recommend HSG for their careful selection of consultants!

Nancy Rawson

Associate Director

Michael and his team studied my background, redid my five page resume crafting a clear, complete picture of what I had to offer, and where I wanted to go. That is what I would expect at a minimum of any similar consultant. However, they went the extra mile to get to know me and what I needed professionally and personally for my next career move and helped me develop a strategy and action plan to achieve it. As a well developed professional who has no need to go from company to company, it was the biggest decision of my life at this time.

Dan Goldfine

VP Sales - Hertz Furniture

I've sought Michael Schlager's counsel on numerous occasions when considering either major business planning or human resources issues. He is insightful, passionate in his convictions, and not afraid to argue an unpopular position. Michael is an excellent devil's advocate. I wouldn't make a big move without at least his opinion, if not his blessing.

Adam Jacobs

Managing Director, Aish Center

Michael's creative thinking, positive attitude and business savvy have given my organization many great ideas and has helped save us thousands of dollars. He's a truly great person to work with.

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